PHIL 1200 -- Philosophy and Society
Summer 2010
Prof. Chris Heathwood

Course Schedule
(with Reading assignments)

This schedule tells you what you should be doing each day of the course. It is ok to work ahead, but don't get behind.  The course moves quickly, and it will be very difficult to catch up.

Remarks in square brackets tell you how much of the reading or lecture to read for that day.  If there are no such remarks, read the entire thing.

This schedule also tells you when you should be taking each quiz, and completing other things, such as exams and papers.

The schedule for the later units of the course will be completed shortly.

All readings are from our textbook, Boonin and Oddie, What’s Wrong?, Second Edition, unless noted. All lectures can be found on the course site under "Learning Modules."

Week One

Tuesday, July 6 - Introduction; Arguments (Unit 1)
Wednesday, July 7 - Abortion (Marquis) (Unit 2)
Thursday, July 8 - Abortion (Marquis) (Unit 2) continued
Friday, July 9 - Abortion (Marquis) (Unit 2), last day
Week Two

Monday, July 12 - Abortion (Thomson) (Unit 3)
Tuesday, July 13 - Abortion (Thomson) (Unit 3) continued
Wednesday, July 14 - Abortion (Thomson) (Unit 3), last day
Thursday, July 15 - no new material (paper due)
Friday, July 16 - Animals (Unit 4)
Week Three

Monday, July 19 - Animals (Unit 4) continued
Tuesday, July 20 - Animals (Unit 4), last day
Wednesday, July 21 - no new material (midterm exam)
Thursday, July 22 - World Poverty (Unit 5) Friday, July 23 - World Poverty (Unit 5) continued Week Four

Monday, July 26 - World Poverty (Unit 5), last day
Tuesday, July 27 - Parent Licensing (Unit 6)
Wednesday, July 28 - Parent Licensing (Unit 6) continued
Thursday, July 29 - Parent Licensing (Unit 6), last day
Friday, July 30 - no new material (paper due) Week Five

Monday, August 2 - Human Cloning (Unit 7)
Tuesday, August 3 - Human Cloning (Unit 7) continued
Wednesday, August 4 - Human Cloning (Unit 7), last day
Thursday, August 5 - no new material (study/review day)
Friday, August 6 - no new material (final exam)