This page will be updated after class and is meant to serve as a historical record of what has been covered. Also, sample codes presented during lecture will be provided here. Reading assignments are from Aster unless otherwise noted.

Topic Material Examples
Week 1 Intro and Basic Concepts Ch 1, Appendix A
08/29 Intro to Inverse Methods 1.1-1.3, Tarantola (2006)
08/31 Ill-posed and Ill-conditioned 1.4 - 1.6, A7, A8
Week 2 Least Squares Regression Ch 2, B
09/05 Intro to Least Squares 2.1 - 2.4 g.txt, d.txt, race_inclass.m
09/07 Errors, covariance, Student's t-test Appendix B
Week 3 Least Squares and SVD Ch 2, Appendix A, B
09/12 Multiple Least Squares and Model Selection Ch. 2 crime_class.m, crime_data.txt, linear_vs_cubic.m, linear_vs_cubic.txt