SKATING LEVEL: Skaters should be skating at or above the USFSA Pre-Preliminary or Adult Pre-Bronze level. Skills needed at tryouts will include such things as forward and backward stroking and crossovers; swing rolls (edges); forward Mohawks and 3turns; T-stop; lunges and spirals. You must be willing to go fast. Tryouts are held in a relaxing, informal atmosphere. Skaters will be asked to demonstrate individual skills, to skate with a group, and to learn simple step sequences.


Competitive record: 2001: Silver Medal, Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Championships; 11th place, United States Synchronized Skating Championships. 2002: Silver Medal, Pacific Coast; 11th place, US Championships. 2003: Silver Medal, Pacific Coast; 7th place, US Championships. 2004: Silver Medal Pacific Coast; 9th place, US Championships.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: About skating level, conduct of tryouts, synchronized skating, schedule conflicts, expenses, etc., contact the coach, Stefano Stangalini at or the captain, Janet Hill at

Join us for fun, camaraderie, achievement, and competition.


Come get an introduction to synchronized skating at team tryouts. All skaters 25 years old or older are welcome No synchronized skating experience is required.


Rocky Mountain Figure Skating Club








WHEN: April 20, 2004. 7:008:00 pm

WHERE: Sun Microsystems Ice Centre in Westminster, CO.

AGE LIMITS: You must be at least 25 years old.