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Dr. Jaroslav Tir


Department of Political Science, UCB 333

University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO 80309-0333 USA


Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar Profile


Office: 23A Ketchum



Fall 2014 Office Hours:

     Mondays 10–11:30 am






o   Field: International Relations

o   Sub-Field: Causes and Management of Armed Conflict



o   Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001.

o   M.A. in Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1997.

o   B.A. in Mathematics and History, Bethel College (Kansas), 1995.


Select Awards, Grants, and Honors

o   IBSS: Analyses of Relationships Between Changing Environmental Conditions and Societal Conflict” (former title: “The Political Outcomes of Climate and Ecological Change in Kenya”). Funded by the National Science Foundation’s Interdisciplinary Social Science Behavioral (IBSS) program. Co-Principal Investigator (PI: John O’Loughlin, co-PI: Terry McCabe). 2013-2017. $1 million.

o   NSCC/SA: Avoiding Water Wars: Environmental Security Through River Treaty Institutionalization,” funded by the National Science Foundation and US Department of Defense/Department of the Army/Army Research Office’s Minerva program. Principal Investigator (co-PI: Douglas Stinnett). 2009-2013. $236,000. Read the related media articles: article 1 (pp. 6-10), article 2 (pp. 30-33).

o   Bethel College Young Alumnus Award, Bethel College (Kansas) Alumni Association, 2012.

o   Fulbright Follow-on Grant for research in Croatia, Summer 2010.

o   Fulbright Senior Scholar, at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2008.

o   Richard B. Russell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction, Richard B. Russell Foundation and University of Georgia, 2007.

o   Certificate in African Studies Program (CIASP) Faculty Development Grant (South Africa), United States Department of Education and University System of Georgia, 2007.

o   Walter Isard Award for the Best Dissertation, 2000-2002, Peace Science Society International.






Teaching Areas

o   International Relations Theory

o   International Conflict

o   Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

o   Modern Warfare

o   International Organizations



Fall 2014

o   PSCI 2223 Introduction to International Relations

·        Textbook: Mingst, Karen A. and Ivan M. Arreguín-Toft. 2013. Essentials of International Relations. 6th ed. Norton.

·        Syllabus and other course materials available via D2L.





Research Interests

Dr. Tir's specialty is international relations, with a focus on causes and management of armed conflicts. His research spans the topics of territorial disputes, environmental conflict and security, domestic and ethnic conflict, and diversionary theory of war. Dr. Tir has been awarded grants to study how climate change impacts violence patterns in rural Kenya (NSF IBSS grant with John O’Loughlin and Terrance McCabe, $1 million) and how institutionalized international river cooperation can prevent the so-called water wars of the future (NSF/DOD Minerva grant with Douglas Stinnett, $236,000).


Publications: Book

o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2006. Redrawing the Map to Promote Peace: Territorial Dispute Management via Territorial Changes. Innovations in the Study of World Politics Series. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

o   Purchase the book


Publications: Articles in Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals

o   Stojek, Szymon and Jaroslav Tir. 2014. “The Supply Side of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Trade Ties and Locations of UN Led Deployments.” Forthcoming in the European Journal of International Relations.


o   Gibler, Douglas M. and Jaroslav Tir. 2014. “Territorial Peace and Democratic Clustering.” Journal of Politics 76(1): 27-40.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Shane Singh. 2013. “Is It the Economy or Foreign Policy, Stupid? A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Foreign Crises on Leader Support.” Comparative Politics 46(1): 83-101.


o   Karreth, Johannes and Jaroslav Tir. 2013. “International Institutions and Civil War Prevention.” Journal of Politics 75(1): 96-109.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Douglas M. Stinnett. 2012. “Weathering Climate Change: Can Institutions Mitigate International Water Conflict?Journal of Peace Research 49(1): 211-225. Replication dataset.


·        The above article was cited in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) “Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability” report on human security.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Douglas M. Stinnett. 2011. “The Institutional Design Of Riparian Treaties: The Role Of River Issues.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 55(4): 606-631. Replication dataset.


o   Gibler, Douglas M. and Jaroslav Tir. 2010. “Settled Borders and Regime Type: Democratic Transitions as Consequences of Peaceful Territorial Transfers.” American Journal of Political Science. 54(4): 951–968.


·        The above article was featured in the AJPS editor’s virtual special issue (“What Has NSF Wrought?”, May 2012) demonstrating the value of the discipline in the face of looming cuts to the National Science Foundation’s political science program.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2010. “Territorial Diversion: Diversionary Theory of War and Territorial Conflict.” Journal of Politics 72(2): 413-425. Web Appendix Tables.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and John T. Ackerman. 2009. “Politics of Formalized River Cooperation.” Journal of Peace Research 46(5): 623-640. Replication dataset.


o   Stinnett, Douglas M. and Jaroslav Tir. 2009. “The Institutionalization of River Treaties.” International Negotiation 14(2): 229-251.


o   Fuhrmann, Matthew and Jaroslav Tir. 2009. “Territorial Dimensions of Enduring Internal Rivalries.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 26(4): 307-329.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Michael Jasinski. 2008. “Domestic-Level Diversionary Theory of War: Targeting Ethnic Minorities.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 52(5): 641-664. Replication dataset.


o   Oneal, John and Jaroslav Tir. 2006. “Does the Diversionary Use of Force Threaten the Democratic Peace? Assessing the Effect of Economic Growth on Interstate Conflict, 1921-2001.” International Studies Quarterly 50(4): 755-779.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2006. “Domestic-Level Territorial Disputes: Conflict Management via Secessions.” Conflict Management and Peace Science. 23(4): 309-328.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2005. “Keeping the Peace After Secessions: Territorial Conflict Between Rump and Secessionist States.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 49(5): 713-741.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2005. “Dividing Countries to Promote Peace: Prospects for Long-Term Success of Partitions.” Journal of Peace Research 42(5): 545-562. Replication dataset.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2003. “Averting Armed International Conflicts Through State-to-State Territorial Transfers.” Journal of Politics 65(4): 1235-1257.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2003. “Never-Ending Conflicts? Territorial Changes as Potential Solutions for Territorial Disputes.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 20(2): 59-84.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2002. “Letting Secessionists Have Their Way: Can Partitions Help End and Prevent Ethnic Conflicts?International Interactions 28(3): 261-292.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Paul F. Diehl. 2002. “Geographic Dimensions of Enduring Rivalries.” Political Geography 21(2): 263-286.


o   Stinnett, Douglas, Jaroslav Tir, Philip Shafer, Paul Diehl, and Charles Gochman. 2002. “The Correlates of War Project Direct Contiguity Data.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 19(2): 59-68.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Paul F. Diehl. 1998. “Demographic Pressure and Interstate Conflict: Linking Population Growth and Density to Militarized Disputes and Wars.” Journal of Peace Research 35(3): 319-39.


o   Tir, Jaroslav, Philip Schafer, Paul F. Diehl, and Gary Goertz. 1998. “Territorial Changes, 1816-1996: Procedures and Data.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 16(1): 89-97.



Publications: Other Peer- and Editor-Reviewed Scholarly Works

o   David Leask has published a Herald Scotland news article based on Dr. Tir’s presentation at the Scottish Independence and Security Conference, held in November 2013 at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and John A. Vasquez. 2012. “Territory and Geography.” In Guide to the Scientific Study of International Processes, S.M. Mitchell, P.F. Diehl, and J.D. Morrow, eds. Wiley-Blackwell, 115-134.


·        Earlier versions published as:

o   Tir Jaroslav and John A. Vasquez. 2010. “Geography and Territory” In The International Studies Encyclopedia (ISE), Robert A. Denemark, ed. Blackwell Publishers. Online access (may require log in).

o   Vasquez, John A. and Jaroslav Tir. 2010. “Geography and Territory” In The International Studies Encyclopedia (ISE), Robert A. Denemark, ed. Blackwell Publishers: vol. 5, 2948-2968.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2010. “World at the Water’s Edge.” The Citizen 4(1): 6-7.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Paul F. Diehl. 2006. “Dividing Iraq Might Multiply Problems.” Chicago Sun-Times. Editorial, 24 November.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2006. “Keeping the Peace After Secessions: Territorial Conflicts Between Rump and Secessionist States.” In Conflict Resolution, Vol. 5, D. Druckman and P.F. Diehl, eds. London: SAGE Publications, pp. 365-395.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 2005. Review of The Democratic Peace and Territorial Conflict in the Twentieth Century, by Paul K. Huth and Todd L. Allee. Australian Journal of International Affairs 59: 555-558.


o   Tir, Jaroslav and Paul F. Diehl. 2001. “Demographic Pressure and Interstate Conflict: Linking Population Growth and Density to Militarized Disputes and Wars.” In Environmental Conflict, N.P. Gleditsch and P.F. Diehl, eds. New York: Westview Press, pp. 58-83.


o   Tir, Jaroslav. 1998. “Recognition of Secessions in the Post-Cold War Period.” ACDIS Research Reports. Champaign: University of Illinois, pp. 139-156.




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o   American Political Science Association:

o   International Studies Association:

o   Peace Science Society (International):


o   Select IR data sources

o   Correlates of War (COW) Project: 

o   PRIO/Uppsala domestic armed conflict data:

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