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Jenny L Davis                                                                                                                    

Jennifer (dot) Davis (at) colorado.edu


I'm a postdoctoral fellow in Linguistics at the University of Kentucky. I originally hail from Oklahoma, and did my undergrad at Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!). I received my MA and PhD in Linguistics from University of Colorado at Boulder with a graduate certificate in Culture, Language and Social Practice (CLASP). In 2011-2012, I was on fellowship at Yale University as the Henry Roe Cloud Fellow

My research is in Linguistic Anthropology and Native Studies in the linguistic negotiation of contemporary indigenous identity. I am particularly interested in language revitalization and documentation in indigenous communities and how process of globalization affect these movements of linguistic reclamation. I am also interested in identity negotiation in individuals or groups with multiple minority statuses and the intersections of language, gender/sexuality, and ethnicity.

My current research project is a multi-sited investigation of the ways that--in the modern, urban American Indian diaspora--indigenous language(s) are used in locations other than Native American reservations and trust lands.

Upcoming Events and Activities- See you there!

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1-2 pm. Niles Gallery

"From place names to the naming of places (people & things): Examining the Chickasaw language revitalization landscape". Colloquia Talk, Department of Anthropology, University of Kentucky.

Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013

"Language Affiliates and Ethnolinguistic Identity". Paper Presentation at the American Anthropological Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

June 16-23. Co-Teaching Language Activism Workshop at the 2014 CoLang Institute at the University of Texas, Arlington.