I am an assistant professor of political science at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I study international and comparative political economy with a focus on developing countries and international investment. My research explores the interactions between international relations and domestic politics on economic issues. I am particularly interested in Open Economy Politics of authoritarian regimes. My main research agenda focuses on studying how international economic institutions function as external commitment devices that enhance domestic business environment in authoritarian regimes through international investment linkages. My other research concerns bilateral-investment treaties (BITs) and political implications of global integration of value creation. I am also interested in politics of natural resources and strategic problems in international cooperation in complex information environment.

My teaching interests are in international/comparative political economy, global governance, and quantitative methods. As a graduate instructor I have independently taught undergraduate courses in international political economy, international organizations, and quantitative methods.



School of Public Economics and Administration
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
111 Wuchuan Road
Shanghai, 200433