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Sep 2014 - Blake joined our group as a DLA student

Aug 2014 - Zhanan joined our group as a PhD student

Aug 2014 - Our group received support from NSF

Jan 2014 - Our group received support from ACS PRF

Dec 2013 - Our work on Bug Eye Camera (published in Nature) was highlighted in the Nature Editors' Choice of 2013

Oct 2013 - Yu won the “Best Poster” award in Colorado Photonics Industry Association Annual Meeting and Poster Competition

May 2013 - Our group received support from CU Innovative Seed Grant Program (IGP)

May 2013 - Dr. Xiao received NSF fellowship to attend Summer Institute on Additive Manufacturing

May 2013 - Our work on Bug Eye Camera (published in Nature) was reported by hundreds of news agencies

CU Boulder (Insect eye-inspired camera captures wide field of view with no distortion), Nature News & Views (Optical devices: Seeing the world through an insect's eyes), Nature News (Digital camera gives a bug's-eye view), Science (New Camera Inspired by Insect Eyes), BBC (Scientists make 'bug-eye' camera), CNN (High-tech camera acts like a bug's eye), AFP (Bug-eye camera offers a new view of the world), ABC, UPI (Camera lens inspired by bug eyes captures full 180-degree view), NBC (Bug-eyed camera gets wide angle view - through 180 lenses), TIME (Finally, a Digital Camera That Lets You See Like a Bug), NPR (Of Flybots And Bug Eyes: Insects Inspire Inventors), The Washington Post, National Geographic (Insect-Eye Digital Camera Sees What You Just Did), Bloomberg, Businessweek, USA Today (Tiny camera in Illinois offers bug's eye view), Xinhua (科学家研制出仿生复眼照相机 可使景深极大化), Sohu, Sina, ChinaNews (仿生复眼相机), Yahoo, Wired, The Times of India , The Irish Times, The Hindu (India), The Australian, The Straits Times (Singapore), Science Daily, RIA Novosti (Russia), RedOrbit, PhysOrg, Physics Today, LATimes, IndiaTimes, India Express, Herald Sun (Australia), Gulf Times (Qatar), Guardian (UK), French Tribune, DailyTelegraph (UK), Daily Mail (UK), BangkokPost (Thailand), Stuff.co.nz …

Oct 2012 - Dr. Xiao was awarded Haythornthwaite Foundation Research Initiation Grant

ASME Applied Mechanics Division - "Haythornthwaite Foundation Research Initiation Grant"

Nov 2011 - Our work on Ultrathin Brain Implant (published in Nature Neuroscience) received wide media coverage

MIT Technology Review (An Ultrathin Brain Implant Monitors Seizures), Science Daily (More Flexible Window Into the Brain), NIH (Ultrathin flexible brain implant offers unique look at seizures in NIH-funded research), LiveScience (Ultrathin, Foldable Sensors Probe Secrets of the Brain), SmartPlanet (Flexible, foldable implant maps brain activity during seizures), eEurekAlert, Manila Bulletin (PH) …

February 2011 - Our work on Tunable Eyeball Camera (cover of PNAS) received wide media coverage

US News and World Report (Better Than the Human Eye), UPI ('Eyeball' camera that can zoom developed), Discovery (The Eyeball Camera Can Also Zoom), MIT Technology Review (An Eyeball Camera, Now with Zoom), NBC (An 'eyeball camera' for cell phone -- with zoom), National Academy of Engineering website, National Science Foundation , Homeland Security Newswire, Daily India, DP Review, ECN magazine, eEurekAlert, Expert Reviews (UK), GizMag, Materials Research Society, Medical News, New Scientist (Compact 'eyeball' camera stretches to zoom), PhysOrg, R&D magazine, Red Orbit, Science Centric, Science Daily, …