Spring 2018: 

Turbulent Flows

The course objectives are to develop a fundamental understanding of the mathematics and physics of turbulent flows and to introduce the concepts and analytical tools needed in developing turbulence models and turbulence simulation methods.

Previous Semesters:

Fall 2017: Aerodynamics (CU Boulder)

Spring 2017: Aerospace Software (CU Boulder)

Fall 2016: Aerodynamics (CU Boulder)

Summer 2016: Isogeometric Methods (TU Delft)

Spring 2016: Aerospace Software (CU Boulder) and Turbulent Flows (CU Boulder)

Fall 2015: Aerodynamics (CU Boulder)

Spring 2015: Aerospace Software (CU Boulder)

Fall 2014: Isogeometric Methods (CU Boulder)

Fall 2014: Stabilized and Variational Multiscale Methods in CFD (CU Boulder)

Spring 2014: Turbulent Flows (CU Boulder)

Fall 2013: Fluid Mechanics (CU Boulder)

Spring 2013: Stabilized and Variational Multiscale Methods in CFD (UT Austin)

Fall 2012: Introduction to Computer Programming (UT Austin)

Summer 2012: Short Course on Isogeometric Analysis (CIME, Italy)