Spring 2014 Nuclear/Particle Physics Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all talks are held in G-125 at 4:00 p.m. on Mondays

Scheduling by Ed Kinney: Edward.Kinney@colorado.edu

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
January 13    
January 20   MLK Day - No Seminar  
January 27


February 3    
February 10    
February 17 Dr. Josef Dufek, Georgia Tech, Special Geophysics Colloquium Multiphase Dynamics in Geophysical Flows: Deciphering Emergent Order in
High Energy Volcanic Eruptions 
February 24    
March 3 Dr. Mark D. Behn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Special Geophysics Colloquium Dynamic response(s) of the Greenland Ice Sheet to supra-glacial lake
March 4, 4:00PM, D-142 Prof. Yannick Meurice, University of Iowa Towards quantum computing for the classical O(2) model 
March 6, 3:00PM, D-142 Prof. Pierre Ramond, University of Florida The Flavor Ring 
March 10    
March 17 Dr. Caitlin Murphy, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Special Geophysics Colloquium Exploring Earth's Core in a Diamond-Anvil Cell: Novel Investigations of the
High-Pressure Physical Properties of Iron Materials 
March 24 (Spring Break)    
March 31 Prof. Carleton DeTar, University of Utah Precision Flavor Physics with Lattice QCD 
April 1, 2:00PM, D-142 Patrick Phelps, Case Western Reserve University LUX: First Results and Beyond 
April 3, 4:00PM, G-1B31 Zachary Liptak, University of Texas at Austin The Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with NEMO-3 and SuperNEMO 
April 8, 1:00PM, 11th Floor Gamow Prof. Richard Lebed, Arizona State Univerisity Are Narrow Tetraquarks Part of the Large Nc Universe? 
April 8, 4:00PM, D-142 Will Flanagan, Texas A&M University Supersymmetry Searches Using Vector Boson Fusion, Present and Future 
April 14    
April 21    
April 28 Dr. Anson Hook, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton Using string theory to understand QCD-like theories 

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
August 26    
September 2   Labor Day Holiday - No Seminar  
September 9    
September 16    
September 23    
September 30    
October 7    

October 14

October 21    
October 25, FRIDAY
4pm, G-125
Dr. Boris Kayser, Fermilab Are There Sterile Neutrinos? 

October 28

November 4


November 11    

November 18

Jorge Diaz, Indiana University Testing Lorentz invariance with neutrino beams 
November 25 (Fall Break)    
December 2    
December 9