Spring 2017 Nuclear/Particle Physics Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all talks are held in G-125 at 4:00 p.m. on Mondays

Scheduling by Ed Kinney: Edward.Kinney@colorado.edu

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
January 16   MLK Day - No Seminar  
January 23    
January 30, G-130 Dr. Christopher Backhouse, California Institute of Technology  Unlocking neutrino mysteries with the NOvA experiment 
February 6    
February 7, 4:00PM, G-126 Dr. Evan Weinberg, Boston University  Lattice Quantum Finite Elements (QFE) for Conformal Field Theory 
February 13, G-130 Dr. John Alison, University of Chicago  Physics at the LHC: Why and How to go Beyond the Higgs Discovery 
February 20, G-130 Dr. Manuel Franco Sevilla, University of California, Santa Barbara  Strategies for searches of physics beyond the Standard Model in the XXI century 
February 27 Dr. Louise Skinnari, Cornell University  Top quarks & beyond at the Large Hadron Collider 
March 6    
March 13    
March 20    
March 27 (Spring Break)    
April 3 Prof. Xerxes Tata, University of Hawaii, Manoa  Supersymmetry: Aspirations and Prospects 
April 10 Prof. Steve Gubser, Princeton University  p-adic AdS/CFT 
April 17    
April 24    
May 1 Prof. Shanta de Alwis, University of Colorado  RG flow equations and Quantum Gravity 

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
August 22    
August 29    
September 5 Labor Day Holiday - No Seminar  
September 12    
September 19 Prof. Tom DeGrand, University of Colorado Lattice study of large Nc QCD 
September 26 Dr. Venkitesh Ayyar, University of Colorado Fermion mass generation without Spontaneous symmetry breaking 
October 3 Prof. Paul Romatschke, University of Colorado Special Colloquium: The Physics of Non-Hydrodynamic Modes 

October 10

October 17    

October 24

October 31


November 7    

November 14

Prof. Michael Litos, University of Colorado Plasma Wakefield Acceleration: Extending the Energy Frontier for Leptons 
November 21 (Fall Break)    
November 28    
December 5 Special Colloquium TBA