Spring 2015 Nuclear/Particle Physics Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all talks are held in G-125 at 4:00 p.m. on Mondays

Scheduling by Ed Kinney: Edward.Kinney@colorado.edu

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
January 12 Dr. Bryan Chen, Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics, Leiden University Special Colloquium  
January 19   MLK Day - No Seminar  
January 26 Dr. Yihua Wang   Special Colloquium  
February 2 TBA   Special Colloquium  
February 9, 3:00 PM, Duane E218 Daniel Litim, University of Sussex   Interacting UV fixed points - from 4D quantum gauge theories to 4D quantum gravitation  
February 9 TBA   Special Colloquium  
February 16 TBA   Special Colloquium  
February 23    
March 2    
March 9, 3:00 PM, Duane G126 Dr. Jake Anderson, US/CMS Collaboration   Searching for high-mass, Higgs-like bosons and partners at CMS  
March 9 TBA   Special Colloquium  
March 16    
March 23 (Spring Break)    
March 30    
April 6    
April 13 Prof. Ethan Neil, University of Colorado Stealth Composite Dark Matter 
April 20    
April 27    
May 4, Duane D142 Prof. Senarath de Alwis, University of Colorado   Cosmological fluctuations: Comparing Quantum and Classical Statistical and Stringy Effects  

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
August 18
4pm, D-142
Dr. Aaron Higuera, University of Rochester CC Coherent Pion Production in MINERvA 
August 25 Mr. Alexis Haesler, University of Geneva Hadron Production Measurements by NA61/SHINE for Precise
Neutrino Flux Prediction in T2K 
September 1   Labor Day Holiday - No Seminar  
September 8    
September 9
1:30pm, D-142
Dr. Oliver Witzel, Boston University Beautiful physics on the lattice 
September 15    
September 22 Dr. Zoltan Fodor, Wuppertal University, Germany and Eotvos University, Hungary Neutron-proton mass difference 
September 29 Dr. Megan Friend, KEK Recent Results and Future Prospects of the T2K Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment 
October 6    

October 13

Dr. Yoshikazu Nagai, CPP-Marseille Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying into a b-quark pair at ATLAS 
October 20    

October 27

October 28
1:00pm, D-142
Dr. Hans Bantilan, University of Colorado Black Hole Collisions in Asymptotically anti-de Sitter Spacetimes 
November 3


November 10 Prof. Victor Gurarie, University of Colorado Non-dissipative viscosity, quantum Hall effect and topological invariants 

November 17

November 24 (Fall Break)    
December 1    
December 8