Internet 2 Middleware Initiative Workplan

Revised 6/29/99

Establish the service components of the Initiative

Establish goals and principles

June 1


Create I2MI Web Site

July 15

  • Design site layout


  • Create content

Basic documents in each category completed; need depth.

  • Logo and integrate with Internet2 site

Need final logo and effective update mechanism; resources for maintenance


Host workshops at fall I2 member meeting

October 11

TAC notified; facilities scheduled

  • Design tutorial

Sept 1

Should emerge from web site development

  • Schedule afternoon panels

Sept 1

Topics set; panelist/volunteers needed


Develop relationship with TAC




Advance the state of the technology

Develop basic roadmaps

Aug 15

  • Identity

First draft completed; needs motivation

  • Authentication


  • Directories

Needs staffing

  • Authorization

Assimilating information

  • PKI

Draft underway


Submit interim proposal to NSF

July 15

Draft for comments and additions

Convene CIO work group to review materials and work their campuses

Oct 1

Dependent on NSF funding

Document the I2-MS meeting

July 15

Underway, with contributions from Almes, Morgan and Hodges


Understand middleware efforts international aspects

Sept 1

Meet with JISC, contact Netherlands,


Issue calls for technology

Sept 1

Need to firm up CFT list


Need to determine evaluation mechanisms


Need to identify funding requirements and sources



Advance the level of deployments

Educause PKI Seminar

Aug 13-14

Proposal submitted; on program committee


Best practices and conventions documents

November 1

Some to emerge from fall workshops


Need to decide IETF relationships


Need staffing to write


Develop CA services


  • Campus-based

Editing CREN CA drafts

  • Inter-campus

Work with CREN


Work with other national organizations



Should schedule presentations


Should schedule presentations


Work with advanced scientific community


Met with PACI/Grid


August 4

Distributed Computing Conf



SC '99


Involve corporate partners


Requests for visits from HP, ATT, IBM.