Draft 1999-08-23

Internet2 Self Assessment Tool

[NOTE: This outline is for discussion purposes and includes top-level items with sample descriptors in several categories.]

Providing Leadership for the Advanced Network Infrastructure

        Building and Supporting High-Performance Backbone Networks

o        Internet2 has worked with government and industry partners to develop a marketplace for high performance networking

        Establishing Effective GigaPoPs

o        Internet2 Membership have organized and built regional high-performance network service points.

        Deploying High-Performance Campus Networks

        Linking Universities with End-to-End High-Performance Networks

        Examples of Success

Driving New Networking Capabilities

        Quality of Service (QoS)

o        Internet2 QoS Working Group has defined a protocol for implementing DiffServ QoS

o        Internet2 QBone Testbed with over 30 Participants is creating a testbed for DiffServ QoS deployment and development


o        Internet2 Multicast Working Group has fostered PIM-SM Deployment in Internet2 backbones and gigaPoPs



        Network Storage

o        Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure initiative is enabling and demonstrating an advanced communications for research, education and other services (e.g., health care, environmental monitoring) that will deliver replicated collections of files at a chosen cost/performance point via a flexible, policy-based application of resources.

        Examples of Success

Fostering a National Interoperable Middleware Infrastructure for Higher Education and Research

        Building Awareness

        Disseminating Information

        Identifying Best Practices

o       UCAID has created an advisory group of campus IT architects from leading Internet2 members to set directions and establish priorities

o       With NSF funding, Internet2 is hosting a national workshop to bring together leading campus practitioners to define and disseminate technologies and processes for deploying identifiers, authentication and directories within higher education.

        Encouraging Technology Transfer

        Examples of Success

Promote Advanced Applications Development

         Targeting Key Disciplines

         Targeting Key Applications

         Disseminating Information

         Examples of Success

Encouraging Technology Transfer

         Fostering Corporate-University Partnerships and Collaboration

         Nurturing Pre-commercial Technology Development and Deployment

         Cultivating Expertise and Human Capital

         Examples of Success

Fostering Partnership and Awareness

o        Establishing International Linkages

o       UCAID, working closely with STAR TAP and NSF, has entered into MoUs and peering agreements with key international partners to foster international collaboration on, and use of, advanced networking.

o        Working with Federal Initiatives

o       UCAID has participated in, and coordinated with, the federal Joint Engineering Team and High Performance Network Applications Team to ensure complementary development in academic and government advanced networking initiatives

o        Hosting and Supporting Demonstrations of Advanced Applications

o        Examples of Success