The goal of the Internet2 Middleware Initiative (I2MI) is to assist in the creation of interoperable middleware infrastructures among the membership of Internet2 and related communities.

This goal is guided by several principles:

1. Make it happen. In order to deploy the advanced applications that are at the core of the Internet2 mission, interoperable middleware infrastructures are needed. The challenges lie as much in policy and practice as in technology. The need is immediate, if not already overdue; broad participation and significant resources will be required.

2. Be an honest broker. Interoperable middleware infrastructures are at the intersection of the interests of a large number of communities; national advanced computational systems, higher education, government agencies, corporate partners, libraries, and others share the urgency of the mission. It is the role of I2MI to work with these groups, doing as much as is needed to make it happen.

3. Integrate across applications. Middleware is a true infrastructure, and as such it is desirable to have it work for the widest variety of applications. A single infrastructure should support instructional and research goals of institutions and be tightly coupled to key administrative systems.

4. Interoperate between campuses. Consistent with the mission of Internet2, and other educational and research initiatives, campus middleware will need to interoperate between campuses, at functional and policy levels.