Internet 2 Middleware Short Workplan

Revised 7/29/99


Advance knowledge of middleware design issues in higher ed

Identify opportunities to work with vendors on pilots, discounts, tech transfer

Work with NSF on fostering a national interopable middleware infrastructure

Build consensus on key conventions and protocols within middleware, such as PKI

Submit interim proposal to NSF

July 15

Submitted July 12

Schedule monthly calls with Glueworkers

July 15

First one July 28

Subcommittee created

Develop mechanisms for dissemination to membership via website

Aug 1

Web Site management issues

Structure issues in roadmaps and prep for early harvest workshop

August 15

Identification done; others not.

Frame the issues for certificates and PKI

August 15

Program committee member, participant, and report writer

Document the I2-MS meeting

July 15

Underway, with contributions from Almes, Morgan and Hodges


Hold early harvest workshops

mid Sept

  • Get logistical support help

Aug 1

Needs tech writer, meeting coordinator

  • Create mapping team

Aug 15


  • Plan dissemination 

August 30



Develop first versions of roadmaps

Oct 1


Disseminate and enhance at CSG, I2 meeting, Educause



Convene CIO work group to review materials and work their campuses

Nov 1

Dependent on NSF funding

Reconvene CIO work group to review materials and work their campuses

Mar 1, 2000

Dependent on NSF funding


Host workshops at fall I2 member meeting

October 11

TAC notified; facilities scheduled

  • Design tutorial

Sept 1

Should emerge from web site development

  • Schedule afternoon panels

Sept 1

Topics set; panelist/volunteers needed




Establish vendor relationship goals

Aug 15

Work with Ann

Visit key corporate I2 partners

Sept 1


Work out corporate relationships 

Jan 2000



Advance PKI Development

  • Work on Educause Workshop

Aug 13-14

Program committee member, speaker

  • Help develop CA services


CREN CA drafts


Help NSF shape longer-term approaches

Mar 1, 2000

Brief NSF and directorates on issues





Work with other national organizations





Should schedule presentations



Should schedule presentations




Work with advanced scientific community


Met with PACI/Grid


Understand middleware efforts international aspects

Oct 1

Meet with JISC, contact Netherlands,