Minutes Glueworkers Conference Call


1. Attendees: Jeff Hodges (Stanford), Vance Vaughan (California) Michael Gettes (Georgetown), Cliff Lynch (CNI), Mark Luker (Educause), Steve Carmody (Brown), Bob Morgan (Washington), Walter Wong (CMU), Paul Hill (MIT), Mark Poepping (CMU)

2. I2MI priorities

We agreed that the top priorities were to foster dissemination of consistent and best practices in the core middleware. The TAC agreed with the NPPAC endorsement of a small workshop as a next step. It was noted that there was two issues that had not been adequately addressed - building urgency on campus by advertising the drivers, and bringing in interoperability issues into campus middleware development.

3. Early Harvest workshop

We reviewed the proposal for a workshop to gather early conventional wisdom on how leading campuses were developing their core middleware. There was enough to cover in identifiers and authentication that we might have limited time for directories. The rationale for the study group was explained. The status of NSF funding was discussed. It was agreed that the CIO study group component needed more emphasis on the involvement of the campus IT architect. Sept 23-24 was set for the date of the workshop, to be held at some airport hotel. A planning team was set up, consisting of volunteers Steve and Bob, with one or two enlistees to be involved as well. A fair number of the attendees will be drawn from the Glueworker group.

4. Educause PKI meeting

Mark informed the group of the Educause meeting on PKI scheduled for Aug 12-13. There was some discussion about the drivers for PKI in higher ed. It was agreed to emphasize the value of a single PKI per campus. One of the drivers mentioned was a federal initiative located at http://gits-sec.treas.gov. There was discussion of the role of state governments as well, and business risks. The slow pace of the CREN CA project was also covered.

5. Communications approaches

There was discussion about how to publicize the best practices and conventional wisdom that we were trying to harvest. It was agreed that draft documents would be put on the I2 web site for additional comment, and then submitted to the IETF as informational RFC's. Educause will also be a communication vehicle to the broader higher ed community.

6. Partnering with technical analysis businesses

There was discussion about working with a consulting group to do some of the technical analysis materials the initiative wants to produce, allowing us to concentrate more on process and policy issues. It was agree to move ahead, but carefully to maximize benefits for I2 members and not be exclusive in our relationships.

7. Fall I2 Member meeting event

On October 11, we will hold a couple of sessions at the fall meeting. The morning session will be a tutorial for the broad I2 membership, and the afternoon will be a set of panels on comparative design and current issues. It will make use of the Early Harvest material. The Workshop planning group may be conscripted to advise on this as well.

8. Assessment of Conf Call; scheduling of another

The conference call was deemed okay. There was agreement to have another as events warranted.