Grading Policy (Graduate Courses)


Unless approved in advance, late homework submittals will incur a minimum 10% penalty (i.e., highest score = 90%) with up to 2% per day lost for each additional day late *


Missed quizzes/exams/presentations will not be made up unless acceptable arrangements are made at least one week in advance of test date *


* documented absences (medical, jury duty, etc.) allowed at any time, other acceptable events will be considered on a case-by-case basis (not including early departure for vacation)



Final Grade Scale


A         93-100

A-        90-92.9

B+       87-89.9

B         83-86.9

B-        80-82.9

C+       77-79.9

C         73-76.9

C-        70-72.9

D+       67-69.9

D         63-66.9

D-        60-62.9

F          <60


updated January 2018