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The Standard Siouan TrueType fonts consist of

Standard Siouan Fonts
A set of characters for use in current phonemic transcriptions and popular orthographies of Siouan languages.

Dakotanist Fonts
A set of characters for the orthographies of Riggs, Williamson, Boas & Deloria, and Buechel.

BAE Fonts
A set of characters for the BAE orthographies of Dorsey, LaFlesche, and Swanton, as well as some other older Siouan orthographies.

Siouan Phonetic Fonts
A set of characters for  current phonetic transcriptions of Siouan languages.

Standard Siouan ANSI Fonts
A standard ANSI character set in the same type faces as the others.  This set matches the others in situations where ANSI characters are needed.

Except for the phonetic set, all sets are based on the ANSI character set, and provided the same characters as the ANSI set in the first 128 characters.  The differences from the ANSI set occur in the upper 128 characters. 

Each set of fonts consists of a serif face (Doulos), a sansserif face (Sophia), and a monospaced typewriter face (Manuscript) in regular, italic, bold, and bold italic variants.  The fonts are not well hinted and look better printed than on the screen.  They are functional on the screen. 

The fonts were prepared with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) Printing Arts Department's Encore Fonts package.  Under present SIL policy (per Notes on Computing, Vol. 17, No. 7, pg. 15), licensees of Encore Fonts "may distribute their custom fonts  free of charge for non-commercial use to anyone they wish -- including posting such fonts on the Internet -- subject only to the restrictions stated below.

Charges may be made for media (disks, etc.) and labor, but no charges may be made for the custom fonts themselves.

SIL retains all copyrights to the custom fonts.  They are not in the public domain. 

The glyphs and copyright string must be untouched. Exceptions to this restriction must be request from SIL International Publishing Services,  7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, TX  75236, USA, 972-708-7495,

Copies of the Encore Fonts User Manual and Glyph Catalog [may not be] included. ...

The glyph library and TypeCaster may not be distributed. ..."

Provisional keyboarding schemes have been defined for the first three fonts with the TavulteSoft Keyboard Manager system

Some documentation for the Standard Siouan font layout and its keyboarding scheme is available, though not yet on line.    

For the moment, the best way to get the full set of fonts is to retrieve them from Full Set of Siouanist Fonts.  Failing this, apply by mail to John E. Koontz

All SIL Encore Fonts derived fonts SIL

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