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Useful Sites for Linguists 

There are a great many interesting linguistic sites on the Web.  These few are the tip of the iceberg.  

Linguist List:  a list service for linguists which archives other linguistically-oriented list services.
LSA (Linguistic Society of America):  the professional society for American linguists.  
SSILA (Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas):  the professional association for students of American languages (both continents).  
International Journal of American Linguistics:  a journal dedicated to the study of American languages.  
SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics):  an organization involved with the study of less well known languages worldwide in connection with Bible translation; a very useful resource for linguistic computer use. .  
Collections of Numerals:  one of the more thorough sites dedicated to the cataloging of particular lexical domains.  

Sites of Siouanists

This sections lists the Web sites of some individuals who work (or have worked) with Siouan languages.  This is not a comprehensive listing of the scholars presently working with Siouan languages.  A better listing can be obtained from the SSILA membership list.  Many Siouanists don't actually have Web presences, or at least not extensive ones.  Professors tend to be more active in actual print.  

The sites listed here vary quite a bit in nature.  Some are very helpful.  Others are pro forma sites, prepared by the institutions at which the individuals work, and contain little more than their name.  A few of them are not actually personal sites, but are sites dedicated to projects in which particular individuals are prominent.  Their names may not appear within the site with any special emphasis.  In a few cases the site is dedicated to an individual of historical significance who is deceased.  

Please contact me with any corrections or additions.

Please note that the inclusion of a site here does not imply that the responsible person or persons warrants or warrant anything I have said in my site, or that I warrant anything they have said in theirs.  

Martin Broken Leg/Raymond Bucko (bibliography)
Ella Deloria (1888-1971)
Raymond J. DeMallie
Richard Dieterle
Lance M. Foster
Louanna Furbee (see also a related site Chiwere Siouan)
Jimm G. Good Tracks
Ken Hale (1934-2001) (mentor of, and collaborator with, the late Josephine White Eagle)
A. Wesley Jones
Francis LaFlesche (1857-1932)
Pamela Munro
Douglas R. Parks
Robert L. Rankin
Catherine Rudin
Patricia Shaw
Mark Swetland
Jan Ullrich
Robert D. Van Valin, Jr.
Wablenica Group (Constantine Chmelnicki/Xm'eln'itsk'ij) (also here)

The most complete list of Siouanists available is the membership directory of SSILA, which lists specialties of Americanists who are members.  The LSA also solicits information on members' specialties, though I am not aware that this information is published anywhere.  

Sites About the Omaha and Ponca

Library of Congress American Folklife Center information on Omaha Music

Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios (hosts Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project)

Sites of Siouan-Speaking Native Americans

This is a brief list of more or less official Web sites for various Indian nations with Siouan languages.  There is one notable (and regrettable) systematic exception.  So far I haven't had the nerve to try to sort out the sites of the very numerous Dakota groups.  Apart from this, not all Siouan groups are listed here, and not all groups seem to have Web pages.  Because not all groups have sites with tribal sponsorship I have sometimes included other sites that seem to have a degree of official recognition.  In particular, I have listed the Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights page for a number of groups.  Note that Mni Sose is obviously intended to represent Dakota MniN S^os^e (mnee SHOW-shay) 'Missouri [River]'.  

Please note that the inclusion of a site here does not imply that the tribe in question, its representatives, or its members approve of or warrant anything I have said in my site.  

Locations of Nebraska Reservations

National Congress of American Indians

Native Web (a source of many of the links here)

Crow Nation (Crow Tribal Council) (Mni Sose)

Ho-Chunk Nation [Winnebago of Wisconsin]

Iowa of Kansas (Mni Sose)

Iowa Nation of Oklahoma

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska (Mni Sose)

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska (Mni Sose)

Quapaw Nation

Santee Tribe of Nebraska (Mni Sose)

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska (Mni Sose)

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