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Siouan Fonts

A list of a few projects that I'm involved in:

An Ioway-Otoe text.  The non-English text included parenthetically in Journal of American Folklore XV.58 is Ioway-Otoe. 

The Little Missouri of Veniard de Bourgmont.  Melburn Thurman's identification of the Little Missouri of Veniard de Borgmont as the White River (Plains Anthropologist 22-122:429-447 (1988)) is supported by the similarity of the Omaha-Ponca name NiN' Uga's^ude for this stream to the Omaha-Ponca name NiNs^u'de for the Missouri proper. 

The Michigamea language - both recorded sentences!  While Miami-Illinois is well known to be Algonquian, two sentences recorded by Jean-Be'nard Bossu and attributed to a Michigamea man in the first case, and a group of Peoria  in the second, seem to be in a language which might be Mississippi Valley Siouan, possibly an otherwise unattested branch, possibly a form of Dhegiha.

Omaha-Ponca Documentation.  I am working on a grammar of Omaha-Ponca as my dissertation.

Proto-(Mississippi Valley) Siouan Reconstruction, including the Comparative Siouan Dictionary, and reconstructive work on verbal morphology. 

Standard Siouan Fonts.  I have prepared a preliminary set of Siouanist TrueType fonts for use with MS Windows systems.  

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