Reviews of Landauer's "Trouble With Computers" from Amazon.Com, 02/08/97, rating=9:

A must read for any developer or IS person. In a relatively short book, Mr. Landauer has brought to focus much of the ill-conceived notions of the computer industry as well as its failings. For anyone who reads "trade rags" and wonders if it is at all realistic, one MUST read this book.

It's filled with real-world examples, and true scientific research that brings home the points made in the book.

To avoid the same pitfalls in your projects you should see what everyone else had done wrong.

Charles B. Kreitzberg (, 02/05/97, rating=10:

A most important book about computers and productivity. Why are computers so hard to use, and what is this costing us? Answering this question is the focus of Thomas Landauer's in-depth study of computers and productivity. If you are interested in the economics of computing, software usability or the effect of computing on our nation's economic performance, this is a must-read book.

It is not light reading, but it is well documented and worth the effort. (And the price is right!) Landauer, formerly head of Cognitive Research at Bellcore, is now a professor at the University of Colorado.

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Charles B. Kreitzberg