I am a graduate student in Museum and Field Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I am interested in the utilization of museum collections to study the impacts of climate change, primarily on the ecology and evolution of insects. My thesis research investigates the relationships elevation, latitude, and climate have with body size of grasshoppers in the western United States. Currently I am working as a graduate assistant in the CU Invertebrate Paleontology Collection, where I assist the collections manager identify, catalogue, and database fossil insect specimens from the Green River Formation. Other interests of mine include field work, collections management, preservation of museum collections, biodiversity informatics, museum outreach, and science based education.


About Me

Objective: To obtain a PhD and become curator of entomology in a research driven museum where I can create and build a research collection, conduct field work, and collaborate with other professionals to explore the diverse impacts climate change has on insects, their ecology, and evolution.