Dr. Yan Linhart

Contact Information: Research Interests:

Dynamics of evolutionary change in plants. Current reseach includes:

  • evolutionary consequences of plant-animal interactions,
  • long-term studies of the population dynamics and evolution of forest trees,
  • investigations of the factors that cause genetic differentiation of populations.


    Linhart Y.B. 1991. Disease, parasitism, and herbivory: multi-dimensional challenges in plant
    evolution. Trends in Ecol. and Evol. 6:392-396.
    Linhart Y.B. 1994. Differential utilization by two parasites in a population of ponderosa pine.
    Oecologia. 98:117-120.
    Linhart Y.B., Thompson J.D. 1995. Terpene-based selective herbivory by Helix aspersa
    (Mollusca) on Thymus vulgaris (Labiatae). Oecologia 102:126-132.
    Linhart Y.B., Grant M.C. 1996. Evolutionary significance of local genetic differentiation in plants.
    Ann. Rev. Ecol. Syst. 27:237-277.

    Current course information:

    Graduate Students

  • Kailen Mooney (Studies of tri-trophic interactions and community ecology of ponderosa pine canopies)
  • Ken Keefover-Ring
  • Bianca Breland

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