Get involved in summer research! Here are some links to summer research programs. The deadlines are mostly in February. The nationwide programs can be quite competitive. You will likely need to have good grades (minumum 3.0 or better in most cases) and will be asked to provide some letters or reference.

  • UROP program for University of Colorado Undergraduates. You must find a CU faculty sponsor and submit an essay about your proposed summer research topic. Deadline March 1st.
  • NSF Research Experience for Undegraduates (REU) ProgramsThe NSF sponsors programs in a wide range of scientific areas at universities all over the country. You can search the website to find locations with opportunities in particular research areas or in particular states. You must apply to each individual location. Deadlines can vary but are often due in late January or early Feb.
  • Dept of Energy Labs (SULI program)Includes research topics in a wide range of fundamental physics at 16 Department of Energy laboratories (such as the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the Standfor Linear Accelerator, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, etc.) Deadline Jan 10th 2014 and you must be a US Citzen or permanent resident.
  • NIST in Boulder or NIST in Gaithersburg Maryland NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
  • NASA internships
  • NCAR internships

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