Christy M. McCain, PhD
University of Colorado Boulder
                  Mid-Domain Null

Small Mammals of Costa Rica


I developed a program for generating null model predictions for empirical diversity patterns called Mid-Domain Null, a Monte Carlo simulation procedure, which I wrote in Visual Basic for Excel (McCain 2004). This program simulates species richness curves based on empirical range sizes or range midpoints within a bounded domain based on the analytical-stochastic models of Colwell (1999) and Colwell & Hurtt (1994). Mid-Domain Null allows for sampling with or without replacement from empirical range sizes or midpoints. The program is designed to run thousands of Monte Carlo simulations in a single session and offers various outputs including species richness curves, 95% simulation prediction curves, randomized data, among others. The program and accessory files are downloadable below. Please send me an email so I can keep track of users and those needing future updates.

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