Seminar in Ethics and Academic Integrity, University of Colorado at Boulder

Session I Pre-Work Questions

1. What is the stated purpose of the CU Honor Code?

2. What is the Pledge that students at CU will be asked to sign as associated with many major assignments / tests?

3. What is the difference between “ethics” and “values”?

4. What were the three models for ethical decision-making identified in your reading assignment?

5. What are the “Six Pillars of Character”?

6. Review the “Common Rationalizations” for unethical behavior, and identify which of these (there may be more than one) is/are used in this quote from a University of Maryland student*:

Q. Is engaging in cheating fair to honest students?
A. I don't think of it like that. I know some students do. But the attitude is generally, this is the way it is. When they work, a lot of these kids, either their fathers work in business, whatever they do, they get a shortcut--the other guy doesn't. That's the way I look at it. If I'm sharp enough to know the right people to get what I need, and he's not, then that's the point of the whole thing.

*Used with permission from G. Pavela, University of Maryland

Prepared by:
Jeffrey T. Luftig, Ph.D. Leeds School of Business