Bradley Monton


I work in philosophy of time, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science (especially physics), and probabilistic epistemology.

In philosophy of time, I confess a sympathy for presentism, the doctrine that only presently existing things exist, and I'm currently at work on a book, The Flow of Time, defending that doctrine (and I have a lot to say in my book about how to define the doctrine more precisely than I just did).

In philosophy of religion, I have two new papers forthcoming, a short one ("Mixed Strategies Can't Evade Pascal's Wager") and a long one ("Against Multiverse Theodicies"). Also, I wrote a book, Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design. Click on the "ID" link above for more information.

In philosophy of physics, a recent research project ("Prolegomena to Any Future Physics-Based Metaphysics") critiques some metaphysicans who

appeal to physics to attempt to establish metaphysical conclusions.

In probabilistic epistemology, I'm interested in in developing a probability theory which can handle indexical propositions (self-locating beliefs), an area where Bayesian epistemology breaks down. I also am interested in various issues involving reasoning with infinite possibility spaces.

In my spare time, I kayak, climb, hike, bike, ski, snowboard, and play poker.

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