2008 Poetry Publications


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“The Trials”                       The Blue Fog Journal Dec. 31, 2008                   http://bluefogjournal.com/

“Kathmandu”                     The Big Toe, Holiday Issue, December 2008.     http://www.bigtoereview.com/id6.html

“Between Christmas and New Years”

Divergence                        The Scrambler, issue 25, December 2008            http://thescrambler.com/dec08-moore

By This

How to Swim                    The Blue Frog Journal, Nov 6th, 2008                  http://bluefogjournal.com/

Altarbone of whale            Osiris, #67 2008

When I am gone

A Poem After Illness          Decanto (England), Aug 09            http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/masquepublishing/

After Pleasure                     Decanto, October 09

It’s the inherent limits        ditch, Oct 2008                    http://www.ditchpoetry.com/ditcharchive.htm

In the portal                                            http://www.ditchpoetry.com/George%20Moore%20ditch.pdf

There was really no reason to stop

Animals that we are

The Bear shape poem

The Lake                            Avatar, Spring 2009            http://avatarreview.net/

Update                                The Blue Fog Journal, Oct 2008.

After you said that              Diode, January, 2009      http://www.diodepoetry.com/v2n2/content/moore_g.html


I have finally gotten off the planet

In Celtic designs

Inside chaos we find

Music                                    Lyons Recorder, Sept 2008

From Osiris publication (reprinted) 12/2 Algerian-American issue (Marseille) 2009

"The soil flows downhill" (O.58)

"Now in the center" (O.61)

"On the pilgrimage to Chimayo in spring" (O.62)

"Remarkable tree" (O.62).

Post John Wayne                  The Externalist, issue 9 Aug 2008        http://theexternalist.com/Site/Home-1.html

Common Concerns  (“Best of the Web” nomination)  

Triangulation                        Astropoetics,                http://www.astropoetica.com/Spring09/triangulation.html

Spanish Grave                      American Poets Abroad, Aug 8, 2008            http://uspoetsabroad.wordpress.com/

When to Drink Coffee          Lyon’s Recorder, June 2008

Absence like a Vacuum        Stickman Review, Nov 2008 V7N2            http://stickmanreview.com/V7N2/index.html

End of the Sentence              Colorado Poet’s Calendar, Apr 2008           http://www.coloradopoets.org/

Mystic Renovations              Adirondack Review, March 2009    http://adirondackreview.homestead.com/Fall2008.html

Proximity                              Dante’s Heart, Full Moon Night issue Oct 14th, 2008        http://www.dantesheart.com/



Of Two Pietas                        Arbutus, Apr 2008                     http://www.arbutus.net/poetry/georgemoore.htm

Gravitational Lens                 Dirty Napkin, Issue 1.3, Summer (21 June 2008)http://thedirtynapkin.com/list.php

Ride                                       Prairie Poetry, May 2008                                    http://www.prairiepoetry.org/poems.html

Sandstone House                   Prairie Poetry, Sept 2008

Poems at Night                      Lyons Recorder, Apr 2008

The Dog Swims the Colorado


The Rhino Gets Elect

Poem at Night                        BabyShaman website May 2008

Cartography                            Apple Valley Review, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Spring 2008)    http://www.applevalleyreview.com/

Boat to Isla Mujéres               Natural Bridge, fall issue #20 of Natural Bridge.http://www.umsl.edu/~natural/

Poem at Night                        Lyons Recorder, Jan 29, 2009

The Physics of Now              The Potomac

Spanish for Tourists              Poetry Bay                            http://www.poetrybay.com/summer09/index_fall2009.html

Last Stop                               Polarity

Poem for Hrafnhildur           Poetry Super Highway

Darkness Misunderstood      Poetic Legacy

Inside Glass Houses             Wizards of the Wind                                    http://wizardsofthewind.blogspot.com/

Dead Zone                             Pocket Change

Below the Ruins                    Penpoint View

Hands on the Wall

Last Year at Marienbad         Pemmican

Wang Wuo                            Otolith  http://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2009/01/individual-pieces-copyright-2009-by.html

In hopes of

The Sacred City

There was a subtle uncertainty

The Lost Girl                         Miranda

Riding North Out Of San Juan Capistrano

The Dogs of Tibet

Chinese Girl at the Border        Oak Bend Review

Old Appetites                        Moon-lit Path

Tundra Poem                        The Honey Land Review                http://www.thehoneylandreview.com/

The Signature                        Magnolia


Postmodern War Zone

The Outsider                          Cynic online

Road Home                            Spiral Bridge

Afghani Blues

Event Horizon

Street View                            Language & Culture     http://www.languageandculture.net/gallery-summer-fall-2009.html

Evolution                               Lyons Recorder 2007

Parallel Universes

Rhino at Lunch

Remembering the Frogs on the Road

On the pilgrimage to Chimayó       Osiris 2006

The Hermits of Dingle            Poetry International 2006

Poem Against Poem                Meridian 2006

Circular Ruins                        Reality X 2006

Indian Country

Highway Mythology

No Thought Road

In the Bunker                            Square One 2006


Bird Fest in the Borderlands    Cider Press Review 2006

Caduceus                                  Nimrod  2005

After Storms                             Osiris 2005

Noise to Chase Away Winter   Lyons Recorder 2005


The Mexican Dog

New Orleans in the Aftermath

Art for Art's Sake