2009 Poetry Publications


Northern Ireland Redux                Camroc Press Review        http://www.camrocpressreview.com/

The Language of Heaven              SNR Review          http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/snreviewct/

The Crow in Some Mythologies    The Centrifugal  Eye        http://centrifugaleye.com/

An Old Map of the Body

The Center of the Earth

The Pig Farmers

What We Want             Eclectica                           http://www.eclectica.org/v13n4/poetry_list.html

The Landscape of this Poem

The Acorn

War Float                                        Café Irreal          http://home.sprynet.com/~awhit/moore_george.htm

The eye of the crow

Dante’s Party                                  Anastomoo           http://www.anastomoo.com/

Campus Etiquette                                ditch                             http://www.ditchpoetry.com/georgemoore.htm

The words alone, of course, are free

Under the New Regime

Walled Town, Alentejo                Alba            http://www.ravennapress.com/alba/ednote.html

Anti Ars Poetica           http://www.ravennapress.com/alba/issue_19/moore.html

The Goalie’s Anxiety                   Furnace Review           http://www.thefurnacereview.com/

Survivor Tactics                           Blue Fifth Review           http://www.angelfire.com/zine/bluefifth/pushcart.html

                            Pushcart Prize nomination and “Best of the Web” nomination

The Innocence of Science

On the Death of Luís Miguel Nava

Motorcycling with Kafka

The Chapel of Bones

The Cork Trees of the Alentejo    Blue Print Review            http://www.blueprintreview.de/21thecork.htm

                           Pushcart Prize nomination

The Wheel                                    Best Poem                            http://bestpoem.wordpress.com/category/george-moore/

Newgrange                                   Abandoned Towers     http://www.cyberwizardproductions.com/AbandonedTowers/toc.html

Tomb of the Eagles

The Sanity of Celtic Gods

Teak                                              International Zeitschrift           http://www.zeitschrift.co.uk/v5n1literature.html

A Land Burnt Black

The Most Remote Prison in the World

The Fish                                        Terrain                                         http://www.terrain.org/poetry/24/moore.htm


The Virgin Rapture            Temenos                                    http://temenos.cmich.edu/poetry_spring_2009.htm  

The Irrational

The Magpie

Lost Virginity                                Switched-On-Gutenberg  http://www.switched-ongutenberg.org/current/index.htm

Poem While the Market Crashes

Herat Market                                  apt                                     http://apt.aforementionedproductions.com/twenty/

The Discovery (translation)          Language and Culture           http://www.languageandculture.net/gallery.html

Landscapes of Water and Earth (translation)

The Sea Moves On (translation)

Cave (translation)

Chump                                         Bicycle Review

The South Cross                          Hobble Creek Review

Poem Beginning with a Misread Line Beginning a Poem by Irving Layton                Every Day Poem

Sligo, Near the Border                The Houston Literary Review

Saint Quintilla

The Ineffable                               Conversation Quarterly

The Desert’s Language               Going Down Swinging

Bikers for Christ                          Apparatus

The Absence of Sense

Café Solo                                     Fact-Similie

Hólar i Hjaltadalur, the Northern Valley          Cortland Review

Wat Pho                                        Ashé

The Lines in the Palm of Your Hand

The Way Things Are

A Day After the Surrealists          Driftwood


Calcutta                                        Danse Macabre                http://dansemacabre.art.officelive.com/DMarchive.aspx


Ode to the Smallest Fish in the World

Omens                                           River Poets Journal

Flubber                                         Tangent                            https://www.createspace.com/3394524

Bay Fog

Learning to Swim                         Ranfurly Review             http://www.ranfurly-review.co.uk/latestissue.html


Costa Rica

The Irony Miner                      Amarillo Bay    http://www.amarillobay.org/contents/previous-contents20090803.htm

The Pigs

Putting the Books Away                    White Leaf Press

This is my neighbor on lead poisoning            The Scrambler Aug 09

The Bulls in the Field                          Blast (Australia)

Gallarus Oratory, Dingle                     Caesura

Late in the Season                               White Leaf Review (anthology), fall 09

Paradise of Snakes                               Third Wednesday

Pollock’s Blue Poles Number 11, 1952             Anemones Sidecar

Monasterboice                                    Tiferet

A Thought On Standing Stones

What the Stones Tell                           Riposte, June 2009, 5 Vol 14

The Rudiments of Desire                     Lyon’s Recorder, May 7, 2009

Global Warming                                       May 14, 2009

Northern Saskatchewan                       Bird’s Eye View, July 15th, 2009

The Attraction of Tombs                      Dublin Quarterly

The Cannibals

For the Dead Student’s Parents

From a Short Distance                          Frigg                        http://www.ellentparker.com/issuetwentysix/contents26.htm

Children’s Drawing of the Universe

In Another Country                               Autumn Leaves

The Skulls                                             Ascent Aspirations

Wild Swans in Iceland                           Penpoint View

Behind the Houses Under Construction                 Angelic Dynamo (selected)

Border Sonnet

The Unseen                                             The 13th Warrior

Survivor Gene              Zone             http://zonefornone.blogspot.com/2009/04/three-poems-from-george-moore.html


Tattoo for God

Host                                                       Word Slaw

This sad point (circle in circle)              Bathhouse            http://bhjournal.com/issues/Vol6_2/

Entropy (box)

When I asked you for (bent arrow)

It was while reading (triangle peak)

Hand to Eye to Mouth

No one seems to know (pyramid)

Desert Run                                              Verdad                http://verdadmagazine.org/vol6/index.html

Fishing Boats in Hofsos Bay


Fished Out

The Motorcycle                                       Ugly Cousin        http://uglycousin.com/?s=moore

Wild turkeys                                            small stones

A split second

Talk talk

The Japanese Zero                                   Two Review

Taos Pueblo

Last Chance Café                                     Tonopah            http://www.tonopahreview.org/v-6-prose-and-poetry-1.html

The Scorpion

Book Lists                                               Tipton Poetry Journal

My Ghost                                                 Taylor Trust

Bears and Wolves


The Imperfect                                           Subtle Tea


Old Man Climbing                                   Stellar Showcase Journal


Buddha                                                      Steam Ticket

The Poet as War Correspondent                Spoken War

A Friend of Sonny Barger’s

Crossing the Khyber

A Desert’s Difference                                The Smoking Poet

Poem at the Bottom of a Pond

The Thing                                      Sein und Werden    http://www.kissthewitch.co.uk/seinundwerden/3_4/index.html

El Topo

Wild Angels

The Human Cycle                                       Seven Circle Press

The Flight

Afghan Archaeology                                   Sawbuck

Kabul Before the War

The True Pieta                                              Queen’s Quarterly

Under the Silence

Making Beer                                                  Pank                    http://www.pankmagazine.com/?p=306

A Few Words


Emile Nolde

Peopling Poems                                             Riposte (Dublin)

The Poet’s Hand                                            Slow Train            http://www.slowtrains.com/poetryindex.html

Watching the Trains

The Incubus

The Boy from Minnesota                               JWMM                http://jmww.150m.com/Spring09Index.html

The Monk’s Body

Surrealist Manifesto                                      Adagio


Poem Breech Birth

Eat, Sleep, Dream

The Imperfect                                                Diagram (9.2)          http://webdelsol.com/DIAGRAM/9_2/index.html

Afternoon in Hofsos                                      Ghoti

I am Impossibly Accidental                           Frigg            http://www.ellentparker.com/issuetwentysix/contents26.htm

Anniversaries in April

Poems at Night                                               Lyons Recorder, Feb 2009

Trails                                                               Lyons Recorder, Jan 1, 2009

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