2010 Poetry Publications


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The Impossible                        Jerseyworks                    http://www.jerseyworks.com/2010/April2010poetry.html

Common Sounds                    Inwood Indiana

The Santa Fe Trails

The Place

A Journey Out                        Ocean (forthcoming)

Now to the Whales

Serenade for the Fish

Macadam Road                        Lyons Recorder

Letter                                        Diode

Our Time

Ship of the Line

The Swim to Iceland                Queen’s Quarterly

The Loser’s Guide to Time Travel        Bosphorus Art Project Quarterly

Space in this Poem

The Semiotics of Fly-fishing                Gray’s Sporting Journal

Virgin in Stained Glass            Black Heart Magazine   http://blackheartmagazine.com/2010/11/26/3-poems-by-george-moore/

El Gato                                   

First Strip Joint in Town

Poems are things...                    Anastomoo                    http://www.anastomoo.com/Moorehandwritten.htm

The Death of A Great Composer

Fortuna                                     Hobo Camp           http://hobocampreview.blogspot.com/2010/12/george-moore.html

Ode to the Dead Dog Next Door    Indigest        http://indigestmag.com/blog/?p=5471

The Basement Room                Citron Review    http://thecitronreview.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/poetry-by-george-moore/

Ars Poetica



Backyard Mantenance              carte blanche            http://carte-blanche.org/backyard-maintenance/

Post-Einsteinian World            Big Pulp

Groundbreaking                     Clutching at Straws        http://clutchingatstraws.wordpress.com/?s=george+moore

In the Mountains                     Catalonian Review         http://www.catalonianreview.com/george-moore.php

The Personal Life                    Quarterly Review of Literature Singapore    http://www.qlrs.com/poem.asp?id=763

Cycles of the Bear                   Quarterly Review of Literature Singapore   http://www.qlrs.com/poem.asp?id=764

The Dali Café                            Clockwise Cat http://clockwisecat.blogspot.com/2010/07/two-poems-by-george-moore.html

Prologue to a Misdemeanor

Coming Home                        Blue Earth Review; Vol. 8: Issue. 2, Spring, 2010


Parallel Universe                     Perceptions

Cylinder, Sphere and Cone    flashquake        http://www.flashquake.org/archive/vol9iss4/poetry/cylinder.html

There’s a Last Minute for Everything

The Sand Box

Neighborhood Feast                Binnacle Magazine

Heaven for Climbers                Scythe Literary Journal        http://scytheliteraryjournal.com/

Ode to the Clay Army, Xi’an, China

The Line of Cars Goes Down Real Slow

Two Lives                                 The Recusant         http://www.therecusant.org.uk/

Crossing into Afghanistan

Map of the High Byang Sang, Tibet

Buddha Caves,” Heavy Hands Ink

Cill Mhaoilchéadair                 Douglas Post (Cork) Vol. 6 Issue 7

Last Gas for A Thousand Miles        San Pedro Review, Vol. 2, No. 2.

Even Horizon                         Every Day Poets        http://www.everydaypoets.com/event-horizon-by-george-moore/

Desert Ride

These are Different Fates        The Painted Word

Inishmore                                 Language and Culture

At the Dali Museum                South Jersey Underground                    http://www.southjerseyunderground.com/

The Sacred and Profane

The Fish

A Note on the Type                          The Blotter

The Mt. Everest Sightseeing Tour

The Other Side                         Autumn Leaves                            http://www.sondra.net/al/default.htm

Milano, Coming Home            Emerald Tales

The Girl Next Door                           Mudluscious

Parallel UniversesPerceptions

Event Horizon            Everyday Poetshttp://www.everydaypoets.com/event-horizon-by-george-moore/

The Unexpected Nature of Things   Roanoke Review


Respect for the Dead            Semaphore (New Zealand)

Signs in Saskatchewan            Fiddlehead

That Word

Tinker                                            flashquake                http://www.flashquake.org/poetry/index.html

There’s a Last Minute for Everything

The Sand Box

Tea at Dali’s            amphibi.us

The End of This Beginning            Last Man Anthology

My Uncle’s Heart            Minnetonka Review

Angel Tree

Desert Bed            Ink, Sweat & Tears

The Loved Ones            OVS

Sacred City (2)            Cavalier

The Monkey Temple             Cantaraville

Reburial (2)

Denver, 1969

The Unexpected Nature of Things    The Ante Review        http://student.virginia.edu/ante/archives.html

Reburial            Innisfree Poetry Journal

Incident in a Restaurant

The Pig Farm

The Great Basin            Plainspoken

The Santa Fe Trail                        WestWard Quarterly

Ode to Order Out of Chaos        Ann Arbor Review        http://annarborreview.net/aArborReview_VIII/AARPg24.htm

On a Certain Night in Rome

The South Cross                        Hobble Creek Review    http://www.hobblecreekreview.net/issue10/Issue_10_cover.html

Chump                                        Bicycle Review                http://www.thebicyclereview.net/-5.html

Angel Tree                                Minnetonka Review, Issue 6

My Uncle’s Heart

Northern Ireland Redux                Camroc Press Review        http://www.camrocpressreview.com/search/label/George%20Moore

At This Time                                Penwood Review                http://www.penwoodreview.com/

Psychogenic Fugue                    Liquid Imagination            http://www.liquid-imagination.com/Issue7/Issue7poems.html

Questioning Celan                     Dislocate, No. 6

The Language of Heaven            SNR Review                     http://www.snreview.org/0410Moore.html

Echo Cliffs


Hólar I Hjaltadalur, The Northern Valley        The Cortland Review    http://www.cortlandreview.com/issue/46/moore.html#1