Recent Collaborative Projects


Complicatio/Explicatio (Folding and Unfolding): A Collaborative Artist Project on The Materiality of Textual Experimentation, with French Canadian conceptual artist Mireille Perron (University of Calgary), Can Serrat, El Bruc, Spain, 2007.

Mireielle Perron and I developed a working rapport.  She pushed me and I slowly responded, and the more I did, the more involved I became.  We discussed the similar relationships of the “folding” and “unfolding” of language, quantum physics,and cosmology (particularly the Big Bang).  The exhibition was presented in the Can Serrat Gallery in May of 2007. 

The Big Bang represented by an accordion book with two different poems on each side, and particles escaping the creation (of meaning?).

“Shape poems” I had been experimenting with for a year or more, which we found integrated well with the exhibition’s challenge to traditional ways of “reading” and “seeing” language.

Two interlocking accordion books on a plank: the poem, “Divergence,” can be read either continuously within each book, or back and forth from page to page between the books.