Advertising Principles & Practice

by William Wells, John Burnett, and Sandra Moriarty, 4th ed., Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River NJ, 1998, 752 pages.

ISBN: 0-13-597881-5

About this book:

Today the world of advertising is going through dramatic changes. No longer is winning awards for creativity a sufficient reason for spending millions of dollars on advertising. Modern advertising is led by objectives and implemented through carefully designed strategies.

Advertising Principles & Practice is a comprehensive textbook that breathes life into advertising. Its strengths include an emphasis on the voices of real practitioners which are interwoven with the practical and theoretical lessons. To provide a real-life view of advertising, we have consulted specialists from different areas of advertising--many of them recent graduates who are alumni of this book- and brought their stories to life. They not only explain what they do but also how they got into the field.

Accountability is the byword as we approach the twenty-first century. All the various professionals working in the field-artists, producers, performers, composers and arrangers, researchers, accountants, salespeople, and managers, to name a few-focus their efforts, regardless of their area of expertise, on the most effective way to present a sales message to a potential customer. Thus effectiveness is a continuing thread throughout this book.

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Part I: Advertising Foundations and Environment

1. Introduction to Advertising

2. Advertising and Society: Ethics and Regulation

3. Advertising and the Marketing Process

4. Advertising Agencies

Part II: Advertising Background, Planning, and Strategy

5. The Consumer Audience

6. Strategic Research

7. Strategy and Planning

8. How Advertising Works

Part III: Advertising Media

9. Media Strategy and Planning

10. Print Media

11. Broadcast Media

12. Media Buying

Part IV: Creating Advertising

13. The Creative Side of Advertising

14. Creating Print Advertising

15. Creating Broadcast Advertising

16. Creating Direct-Response

17. Creating Directory and Out-of-Home Advertising

Part V: Advertising Operations

18. Sales Promotion

19. Public Relations

20. The Advertising Campaign

21. Evaluative Research


Part VI: Miscellaneous Advertising

22. Business-to-Business and Retail Advertising

23. International Advertising

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