Introduction to Marketing Communication: An Integrated Approach by John Burnett and Sandra Moriarty, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River NJ, 1998, 736 pages.

ISBN: 0-13-269085-3

About this book:

Pick up a magazine, navigate the Web, watch TV, or drive to the shopping mall; marketing messages will bombard you. In today's information-filled world, Marketers have to fight to grab and hold consumer attention. To do so, they must use effective marketing communication-the process of communicating marketing messages to promote products, services, and ideas. This text introduces students to the marketing communication tools, techniques, and media that practitioners use to promote their products. It also gives special emphasis to integrated marketing communication (IMC)-a strategy of coordinating and combining messages for maximum impact.

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Part I: Understanding IMC

1. Marketing Communication

2. The Marketing Mix and IMC

3. Organizing for Integrated Marketing Communications

4. Marketing Communication Strategy and Planning

Part II: The IMC Situation

5. the Sociocultural Environment

6. Decision Making in the New Marketplace

7. The Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment

8. The Marketing Communication Process

Part III: The Tools of IMC

9. Advertising

10. Sales Promotion

11. Public Relations

12. Direct Marketing

13. Personal Selling

14. Marketing Communication that Crosses the Lines

Part IV: Media of IMC

15. IMC Media

16. Developing the Media Plan

Part V: Putting IMC Together

17. Developing the IMC Appropriation

18. Measuring IMC Performance

19. Campaign Planning

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