2nd. edition, by Warren J. Keegan, Sandra E. Moriarty, and Thomas R. Duncan, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1995

ISBN: 0-13-125949-0

About this Book:

This is a basic introduction to marketing. But it has several unique features. For one thing, there is an emphasis on an international perspective. Markets are globalizing: You may be working for a company in Brooklyn or in Berlin, but chances are your competition is coming from outside your own country. Marketers and companies who fail to recognize that they are functioning in a global marketplace invite trouble and risk financial disaster. Furthermore, basic marketing principles are also global: They are as applicable in Tokyo as in London, in New York, or in Dar Es Salaam. Markets are different, but the marketing discipline is universal.

Another point of distinction is the emphasis on marketing planning. In particular, this book includes an outline for a typical marketing plan and a case study for the launch of a real product that illustrates how a marketing plan comes together.


Part I: Foundations

1. marketing in a Global Society

2. Marketing, Quality, and the Organization

3, The External Marketing Environment

4. Marketing Strategy and Planning

Appendix: Millennium Marketing Plan

Part 2: The Knowledge Base

5. Marketing Information and Research

6. Consumer Buying Behavior

7. Organizational Buying Behavior

Part 3: Strategic Planning

8. Segmentation, Targeting, and Forecasting

9. Competitive Advantage and Positioning

10. Brand Building and Relationship Marketing

Part 4: Product Strategy

11. The Product: Goods

12. The Product: Services and Nonprofits

13. New Products

Part 5: Distribution and Pricing Strategies

14. Marketing Channels and Physical Distribution

15. Wholesaling and Retailing

16. The Basics of Pricing

17. Pricing Objectives and Strategies

Part 6: Marketing Communication Strategy

18. Marketing Communication and Advertising

19. Public Relations, Sales Promotion, and Packaging

20. Direct Marketing

21. Personal Selling

Part 7: From Product Management to Market Leadership

22. Leading the Marketing Effort

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