Creating and Delivering Winning Advertising & Marketing Presentations,

2nd ed. , by Sandra Moriarty and Tom Duncan

NTC Business Books, Lincolnwood (Chicago), IL, 1995

ISBN: 0-8442-3531-8

About this Book:

There's an adage that most executives spend 70 percent of their time in meetings. What are they doing in meetings? Most often they are listening to presentations. Any time one staff member has a proposal to make to someone else, presentation skills are involved. Situations must be explained, problems outlined, solutions identified, and approaches justified. Whether it is one-to-one at a desk, one person talking to a group of 15 around a conference table, or several people speaking to 150 at a dealers' meeting, presentation skills are essential if business is to be successfully conducted. People who are good speakers and presenters become important, even powerful because of that skill.

To control the attention of an audience, the presentation must be as well planned as a good business plan. Designing a presentation is like designing an effective ad.

This book is dedicated to helping the reader prepare presentations that are persuasive, entertaining, and on target, so the audience will not report that they have just endured a boring presentation. It does so by leading the reader through the process of developing a presentation as it explains how the reader can gain an edge by learning how to present ideas convincingly.

In addition to an explanation of how to give a presentation and the presentation planning process, the Appendix also includes a collection of tools that can be used to plan the content of the presentation.


Section I: Planning the Presentation

1. Presentation Strategy

2. Planning the Message

3. Selecting and Planning the Audiovisuals

Section II: Producing the Presentation

4. Designing the Visuals

5. Orchestrating the Presentation

Section III: Giving the Presentation

6. Making the Presentation

7. Delivering Your Message

8. Presentation Follow-Up


Planning Cards, Slide Planner, Storyboard Format, Slide Storyboard Format, Master Presentation Checklist

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