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My research examines how language relates to cognition and how children learn languages. As I am interested in both universal and language-particular phenomena, much of my work is from a crosslinguistic perspective (languages under study include Hindi, Tamil, English, German, Dutch). Specific research areas include descriptive semantics, how language influences thinking, and developmental psycholinguistics, in particular, children's semantic and pragmatic development, focusing on the acquisition of verb meaning, argument realization, and information structure. I have conducted fieldwork in Hyderabad, Chennai, and New Delhi, India and was responsible for the creation and archiving of two longitudinal, spontaneous child language corpora in Hindi and Tamil (in collaboration with researchers at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and Central Institute of Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, and with funding from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics).

My research is based on longitudinal and cross-sectional corpora of spontaneous production as well as data obtained in experimental settings. Specific projects include:

  • Corpus-based research on discourse-pragmatics, lexical semantics and argument realization in children acquiring Hindi and Tamil
  • Word order and information status in German child language (with Christine Dimroth, MPI)
  • Verb semantics in Dutch and Tamil child language (with Marianne Gullberg, MPI)
  • Development of verbs and constructions in Hindi child language (with Smita Srivastava, Nancy Budwig, Clark University)
  • Annotation of Hindi corpora with semantic role labels (with Martha Palmer, University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Placement verbs across languages (with Anetta Kopecka, University of Lyons, and Marianne Gullberg, Asifa Majid, Melissa Bowerman, MPI)

Further details of ongoing research can be found on my lab page.

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