Meeting Stevie

This was a posting to the Stevie Nicks mailing list. I wrote it on September 27 of 1996 in response to a question about whether any list members had met Stevie.

I was lucky enough to meet Stevie on May 19, 1994, when she was in Colorado doing an interview at a local radio station. I had worked as an unpaid intern at the station for several years, and my Stevie-fanhood was well-known there, so I was invited to be a guest at the interview. It is to this day one of the highlights of my life. Stevie was so friendly and down-to-earth... it was clear to me that she would have liked nothing better than to chat and hang out all afternoon, and her entourage had to hustle her out in order to keep her on schedule. Still, I manged to talk to her for a few minutes, give her a book of Emily Dickinson (my other favorite poet), and get a signed copy of the Street Angel cover art, which now hangs in a proud spot in my living room. Some random memories from that experience:

I remember almost not recognizing Stevie when she stepped out of the limo that delivered her. She looks very different (though just as beautiful) without the makeup and stage clothes. She was dressed in a simple black gown and shawl with platform shoes (of course!). I met her eyes, held the gaze for about fifteen seconds, and broke it because I didn't want to seem intimidating (it's tough meeting one of your heroes!).

The dj who interviewed Stevie had a lengthy Q+A session with me beforehand, asking me some of the questions I thought would be good. So although I didn't get to ask any of the questions, I got some of them asked for me!

I had just finished my Master's in English at the time, and told Stevie that it was a dream of mine to write a book about her poetry. She replied "Well, once I get all my poetry in one place we might be able to work something out!".

I listened to the interview from outside the broadcast booth -- it was so wild to hear this voice which I had on dozens of tapes speaking about a variety of subjects, and knowing she was just a few yards away!

As Stevie was walking out, the station played the Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime." She sang along serenely as she walked back to the limo, only pausing to turn back, fix me with a gaze, and say "Now this is poetry!"


I've just noticed that I've ended every one of these anecdotes with an exclamation point. That's pretty much how I felt about the day... an absolutely wonderful experience... one of the highlights of my life. I only hope the Fates bring us together again!

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