Proseminar Readings in Epistemology

Spring 2017 Readings

Week 1 (April 13). Testimony

Recommended: papers in Lackey and Sosa, The Epistemology of Testimony (OUP 2006)

Week 2 (April 20). Testimony pt. 2

Week 3 (April 27). Trust

Week 4 (May 4). Epistemic Injustice

Recommended; Louise Antony, “Bias: Friend or Foe,” in Implicit Bias vol. 1 (OUP). A long response to Saul, proposing a way forward via naturalized epistemology.

Previous Versions of the Epistemology Proseminar (to see what you've missed!)

Fall 2015 Readings

I. What is Probability?

Objective Interpretations

Further Readings. For background and broader context: Maria Galavotti, "The Modern Epistemic Interpretations of Probability: Logicism and Subjectivism"

Subjective Interpretations

Further Readings

II. Does Belief Come in Degrees?


[The technical material in section 3 is peripheral to our concerns.]

Further Readings. Kaplan's 1996 book by this same name goes into considerably more detail. And for other points of view see F. Huber and C. Schmidt-Petri (eds.),  Degrees of Belief: An Anthology (Dordrecht: Springer, 2009) 75-93.


III. Is Knowledge First?

Further Readings


IV. Is Knowledge Universal?

Further Readings

A new entry into the debate: Edouard Machery, Stephen Stich, David Rose, Amita Chatterjee, Kaori Karasawa, Noel Struchiner, Smita Sirker, Naoki Usui and Takaaki Hashimoto, “Gettier Across Cultures” Nous (forthcoming) – published online in August 2015.