Proseminar Readings in Epistemology – Pasnau

Spring 2018 Readings

Week 1 on disagreement:

Week 2 on uniqueness:

Week 3 on the ethics of belief:

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Spring 2017 Readings

Week 1. Testimony

Week 2. Evidence and Faith Week 3. Trust Week 4. Epistemic Injustice

Fall 2015 Readings

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I. What is Probability?

Objective Interpretations

J. M. Keynes, A Treatise on Probability (London: Macmillan and Co., 1921), chapters 1-3.

Further Readings

For background and broader context: Maria Galavotti, "The Modern Epistemic Interpretations of Probability: Logicism and Subjectivism"

Subjective Interpretations

Frank Ramsey, “Truth and Probability” in Philosophical Papers

Further Readings


II. Does Belief Come in Degrees?


Mark Kaplan, “Decision Theory as Philosophy,” Philosophy of Science 50 (1983) 549-77.

[The technical material in section 3 is peripheral to our concerns.]

Further Readings

Kaplan's 1996 book by this same name goes into considerably more detail. And for other points of view see F. Huber and C. Schmidt-Petri (eds.),  Degrees of Belief: An Anthology (Dordrecht: Springer, 2009) 75-93.


Lara Buchak, “Belief, Credence, and Norms,” Philosophical Studies 169 (2014) 285-311.

Holton, Richard. “Intention as a Model for Belief,” in M. Vargas and G. Yaffe (eds.), Rational and Social Agency: The Philosophy of Michael Bratman (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014) 12-37.


III. Is Knowledge First?

Timothy Williamson , Knowledge and Its Limits (OUP, 2000) preface, intro., chs. 1-2

Elizabeth Fricker, “Is Knowing a State of Mind? The Case Against,” in Patrick Greenough and Duncan Pritchard (eds.), Williamson on Knowledge (Oxford UP, 2009) 31-59.

Further Readings


IV. Is Knowledge Universal?

Jennifer Nagel, “Intuitions and Experiments: A Defense of the Case Method in Epistemology” PPR 85 (2012) 495-527

Stephen Stich, “Do Different Groups Have Different Epistemic Intuitions? A Reply to Jennifer Nagel” 87 (2013) 151-78

Jennifer Nagel, “Defending the Evidential Value of Epistemic Intuitions: A Reply to Stich,” PPR 87 (2013) 179-99.

Further Readings

A new entry into the debate: Edouard Machery, Stephen Stich, David Rose, Amita Chatterjee, Kaori Karasawa, Noel Struchiner, Smita Sirker, Naoki Usui and Takaaki Hashimoto, “Gettier Across Cultures” Nous (forthcoming) – published online in August 2015.