Family Pictures (2000)

Having fun by the Boulder creek.

Evereone, smile!

I didn't fall down but am just posing for this photo.

Watch me throw this rock into the creek.

Who needs a swingset when you got Dad?

Me and my brother.

She smells them and I eat them.

Out of our way pedestrians!

My turn to ride the pig (down on Pearl St. Mall).

Monet's favorite spot (Denver arboretum).

Us with our Dad.

How about a kiss?

Pacific ocean for the first time.

It's pretty nice here in Monterey California.

Just us girls.

How do you like my new necklace?

These really don't smell so good, but they make a nice picture.

This one smells nice but does't look so good.

This one smells great and looks great! Exactly what I was looking for.


Can I take one of these home?