Welcome to the homepage of Rob Rupert, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder; Fellow, CU Institute of Cognitive Science; Member, CU Committee on the History and Philosophy of Science; and, from Oct., 2013, to Oct., 2016, Professorial Fellow in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh

My longest running research interest is in naturalistic theories of mental content. I have a related interest in the connection between theories of mental content and the proper nonsemantic characterization of mental representations. I also write about extended, embodied, and embedded cognition, the extended mind, group minds, mental causation, and various metaphysical issues related to the special sciences. Papers on all of these topics and more are available on the papers page. Also. I wrote a book about lots of these issues, Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind.

Course pages for Fall Semester 2013:

PHIL 3310/PSYC 3005/CSCI 3702/LING 3005: Introduction to Cognitive Science



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