Ph.D. Thesis Advisor

  • Troy Weingart, "A method for dynamic reconfiguration of a cognitive radio system" (2006)
    Currently: Associate Professor, US Air Force Academy
  • Christian Doerr, "Local Control of Cognitive Radio Networks" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2008)
    Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Delft
  • Damon McCoy, "Quantifying and Improving Wireless Privacy" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2010)
    Currently: Assistant Professor, George Mason University
  • Eric W. Anderson, "Integrated Scheduling and Beam Steering for Spatial Reuse" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2010)
    Currently: Post Doc, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Gary V. Yee, "Ordering and Combinatorial Effects of Wireless Optimizations in Beam Forming 802.11 WLANs (co-advisor Grunwald, 2011)
    Currently: Senior Software Engineer, Penguin Computing
  • Kevin Bauer, "Improving Security and Performance in Low Latency Anonymous Networks" (co- advisor Grunwald, 2011)
    Currently: Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Caleb Philips, "Geostatistical Techniques for Practical Wireless Network Coverage Mapping" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2012)
  • Dola Saha, (co-advisor Grunwald, expected graduation 2012)
  • Chenyu Zheng, (expected graduation 2012)

M.S. Thesis Advisor (All are ITP unless noted otherwise)

  • Mike Stukas, "NAT/FW Traversal for VoIP Services"
  • Mudassir Fajandar, "A SIP Client for Federated Videoconferencing"
  • Adi Mathur, "The Development of an Embedded SIP Client"
  • Anand Chavali, "A Directory Model for Federated Videoconferencing"
  • Bella Hartz, "Technical Requirements for Secure IP Telephony"
  • Mary Karnes, "Effectiveness of Net Sec Frameworks Across Skill Levels"
  • Ameet Kulkarni, "A SIP/SAML Binding for Federated Videoconferencing"
  • Chris Rohrer, "Third Party Access to DOCSIS Broadband Platforms"
  • Andre Grothe, "Implications of Encryption on VoIP"
  • Bhanu Prakash, "QoS Fields in IPv6"
  • Andrew Pitts, "Wireless IDS Systems"
  • Damon McCoy, "Anonymous Systems" (Department of Computer Science)
  • Eric Estes, "Models for Intrusion Containment" (Department of Computer Science)
  • Chris Schenk, "Inferring Reputation from Observed User Behavior and Attributes in Social Networks " (Department of Computer Science)

Ph.D. Committees

  • Edwige Simon (ATLAS, 2012)
  • Jeff Fifield (Department of Computer Science, 2010)
  • Soontaree Tanaraksiritavorn (Department of Computer Science, 2009)
  • Revi Sterling (ATLAS, 2009)
  • Anmol Sheth (Department of Computer Science, 2007)
  • Joe Dunn (Department of Computer Science, 2007)
  • Wang Lin (Department of Computer Science, 2008)
  • Brad Morrey (Department of Computer Science, 2006)
  • Chad Seidel (Civil Engineering, 2005)
  • Olav Queseth (KTH Sweden, 2005)
  • Eric Fisher (Mechanical Engineering, 2006)
  • Maha Faisal (Department of Computer Science, 2005)
  • Joshua Mindel (Carnegie Mellon University, 2003)

M.S. Thesis Committees (All are ITP unless noted otherwise)

  • Joe Sameul
  • Adnan Mian
  • Sumangala Murty
  • John WIlliamson
  • Sweta Bhandare
  • Ashish Shah
  • Brian Goldhardt
  • Jeremie Texier
  • Sumangala Murty
  • Abhijit Sur
  • Rommel Moreno
  • John Giacomoni (Department of Computer Science)
  • Kevin Hofstra
  • Benajim Nunez
  • Bryon Hartzog
  • Jeff Fifield (Department of Computer Science)
  • G. Indrayan
  • Bilal Hasan
  • Ramandeep Dhillon
  • Dola Saha (Department of Computer Science)
  • Mark Dehus (Department of Computer Science)
  • Aveek Dutta (ECE)
  • David Knox (Department of Computer Science)
  • Susan Howard
  • Sergei Razgulin (Department of Computer Science)
  • Won Jay Song
  • Sears Andrew Merritt
  • Jordan Wight
  • Pete Jaroonvanichkul

ITP Capstone Projects Supervised

  • Web Authentication Through Federation (4 students)
  • Security Models for Integrated Devices (4 students)
  • CISP Security Requirements (4 students)
  • HIPPA Compliance Models (4 students)
  • Security Enhancement of DNS (4 students)
  • Security Vulnerabilities (4 students)
  • Security Architectures (4 students)
  • VoIP Vulnerabilities (4 students)
  • ANSAT (4 students)
  • Analog Hole (4 students)
  • Video Distribution Models (4 students)
  • Wireless Security (4 students)
  • Video Economics (4 students)
  • Security Models (4 students)

Independent Studies

  • Brent Zionic, Web Services
  • Ameet Kulkarni, Single Sign-on Architectures
  • Moses Akpeneye, GSM
  • Travis Merrill, OSS for DSL
  • Muda Fajandar, Policy of Security Assertion Markup Language
  • Sandhya Castelino, E911 for SIP based services
  • I taught an additional 3 independent study classes in 2004.

Undergraduate Computer Science Thesis Committee

  • Nate Wilcox
  • William Peterory, Senior Thesis, economics

Undergraduate Computer Science Research Project

  • Brian Goldstreet
  • William Peteroy, Security

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

  • Co-mentored one NSF REU students over the summer 2003
  • Mentored two NSF REU students over the summer 2004
  • Co-mentored four NSF REU students over the summer 2005. Matt Shein, Philip Gomez, Lakaii Wilson and Matthew Smith)