Tamara Sumner
Associate Professor
Cognitive and Computer Science
University of Colorado at Boulder
Campus Box 594
Boulder, CO, 80309-0594
Phone: +1.303.735.4469
Fax: +1.303.735.5072

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Digital Learning Sciences


Tamara Sumner is Executive Director of Digital Learning Sciences, a joint research and development center between the University of Colorado and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. She is responsible for leadership of the center, strategy development, and the conduct of our research program. Our research examines how cognitive tools, computational algorithms, and interactive media can improve learning outcomes and learner engagement. Our research and development team combines expertise in computer science, cognitive science, science education, user-centered design and evaluation, digital content management, and machine learning/natural language processing.

Sumner is also an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, with a joint appointment between the Institute of Cognitive Science and the Department of Computer Science. Her research and teaching interests include personalized learning, interactive learning environments, user-centered design, digital libraries, and intelligent information systems. Prior to joining the University of Colorado, she was a lecturer at the Knowledge Media Institute, at The Open University in the UK.

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