Rock-Powered Life NAI Team (2015-2019)

Theme 1: Systems undergoing low-temperature serpentinization as test-beds for determining habitability in water/rock systems.


Field sites: CROMO, Atlantis Massif and Oman 

Theme 2: Experimental constraints on pathways of water/rock interaction, in the presence and absence of biological processes.


Defining the pathways that control how energy is released from ultramafic rocks as they react with low-temperature fluids

Identifying and interpreting the process rates and ecology in systems undergoing water/rock reaction

Quantifying the geochemical and mineralogical progression of water/rock reactions in the presence and absence of biology

Characterizing microbial communities within rock-hosted ecosystems and evaluating their metabolic activities

Developing and testing predictive models of biological habitability during water/rock interaction

Re-examining the co-evolution and boundaries of physiochemical and biological systems.


The Rock-Powered Life NAI team asks:

How do the mechanisms of low temperature water/rock reactions control the

distribution, activity, and biochemistry of life in rock-hosted systems?

Everett Shock

Arizona State University

“Rock-Powered Life” Investigators:

Lisa Mayhew

University of Colorado

Alexis Templeton, PI

University of Colorado

Eric Boyd, Deputy PI

Montana State University

John Spear

Colorado School of Mines

Tori Hoehler

NASA Ames Research Center

Thomas McCollom

University of Colorado

William Brazelton

University of Utah

Matt Schrenk

Michigan State University

Dawn Cardace

University of Rhode Island

Shuhei Ono


Masako Tominaga

Michigan State University

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