Trent D. Evans, B.S.

Graduate Research Assistant
Integrative Physiology of Aging Laboratory

University of Colorado

Boulder, CO 80309-0354

Office Phone - 303-492-7702

Research Interests:


Nitrate-nitrite-NO reduction pathway as a therapeutic target for age-associated decline in vascular, metabolic, and skeletal muscle function.




B.S., Kinesiology, University of Wisconsin, 2011.

Mentors: Rozalyn Anderson and William Schrage

M.S., Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado (In Progress)

Mentors: Douglas Seals and Allison DeVan




1) McKiernan SH, Colman RJ, Aiken E, Evans TD, Beasley TM, Aiken JM, Weindruch R, Anderson RM. Cellular Adaptation Contributes to Calorie Restriction-Induced Preservation of Skeletal Muscle in Aged Rhesus Monkeys. Exp Gerontol. 2012 Mar;47(3):229-36

2) Limberg JK, Evans TD, Pegelow DF, Eldridge MW, Sebranek JJ, Proctor LT, Schrage WG. Heterogeneous Vascular Responses to Hypoxic Forearm Exercise in Young and Older Adults. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2012 Aug;112(8):3087-95.

3) Limberg JK, Harrell JW, Evans TD, Johansson RE, Ciancio DJ. Ageing Uncompensated: Exercise, Nitric Oxide, and Hypoxia. J Physiol, 589(12) :2923-4 2011.

4) Limberg JK, Evans TD, Blain GM, Pegelow DF, Danielson JR, Eldridge MW, Proctor LT, Sebranek JJ, Schrage WG. Effect of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome on Hypoxic Vasodilation. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2012 Feb;112(2):699-709 .

5) DeVan AE; Evans TD; Brooks FA; Pierce GL; Walker AE; Jablonski KL; Kaplon RE; Seals DR.  Vascular endothelial function and systemic markers of oxidative modification, antioxidants and inflammation in adults without clinical disease, in preparation.

6) Pugh TD, Conklin MW, Evans TD, Polewski MA, Barbian HJ, Pass R, Anderson BD, Colman RJ, Elicieri KW, Weindruch R, Keely PJ, Beasley TM, Anderson RM. Metabolic Shift Anticipates the Onset of Sarcopenia in Rhesus Monkeys, in preparation.




Evans TD, Blain GM, Limberg JK, Kiefer AJ, Schrage WG. Age Differences in Forearm Blood Flow Response to Exercise and Hypoxia. Experimental Biology Meeting. Anaheim, CA, April 2010.


Limberg JK, Harrell JW, Sebranek JJ, Proctor LT, Evans TD, Zillner CM, Schrage WG. Exercise Vasodilation in Metabolic Syndrome: Role of Oxidative Stress.   ACSM Meeting. Baltimore, MD. June 2010.


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Effects of Aging on Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Metabolism in Rhesus Monkeys. University of Wisconsin - Madison Undergraduate Symposium. April 2011.




2010 APS David S. Bruce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2009 University of Wisconsin Madison Institute on Aging Young Investigator Award

2009 American Physiological Society Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow

2007-2008 Kemper K. Knapp Scholar

2007 National Merit Scholar Finalist




American Physiological Society

American Heart Association