I am a historian of the United States and an instructor at the Department of History at the University of Colorado Boulder.

My work focuses on labor and social history around the turn of the twentieth century. Besides the traditional sorts of historical research, I'm also fascinated by the recent developments in digital humanities and digital history, and I'm currently experimenting with techniques like topic modeling and social network analysis in my own research. Together with the folks at the Department of Linguistics here at CU Boulder, I'm also playing with applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to historical research and resource development.

Right now, most of my time is taken up by teaching and by the Exploring Digital Humanities lecture series (which you should absolutely check out — we've had some great speakers and intend to have more in the future!) Apart from those things, I'm exploring a couple of different digital projects that are semi-related to my book manuscript on early-twentieth-century publicity and lobbying battles between organized labor and organized employers.