Willem van Vliet-- is a mental laborer with undefined skills.  He has a Ph.D. in sociology (University of Toronto), etc., etc. He became immersed in housing problems by birth, below sea level in an aporphyrogenic bunker in the postwar shortage-ridden  Netherlands. A.k.a. El Capitán, he is in possession of an uncertified but authentic and persistent lunatic streak, evinced, inter alia, by his work on the "Children, Youth and Environments Center" and a growing stockpile of more and less odd ends. After coming to CU, he has retained an abiding interest in heather morning glory and rock gardening.   


Dessert remains his favorite dish.







Sweet William, Flutterbyes        


(© Anne Ophelia Dowden; reproduced with permission)
















Weeds Through the Sidewalk


(© Anne Ophelia Dowden;  reproduced with permission)




Construction infinite