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NanoBiomaterials Selected Publications:

  • Ding, Y.H., Floren, M. and Tan, W., 2017. High©\Throughput Screening of Vascular Endothelium©\Destructive or Protective Microenvironments: Cooperative Actions of Extracellular Matrix Composition, Stiffness, and Structure. Advanced Healthcare Materials.
  • Ding, Y.H., Floren, M. and Tan, W., 2016. Mussel-inspired polydopamine for bio-surface functionalization. Biosurface and Biotribology, 2(4), pp.121-136.
  • Boodagh, P., Guo, D.J., Nagiah, N. and Tan, W., 2016. Evaluation of electrospun PLLA/PEGDMA polymer coatings for vascular stent material. Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 27(11), pp.1086-1099.
  • Floren, M., Bonani, W., Dharmarajan, A., Motta, A., Migliaresi, C. and Tan, W., 2016. Human mesenchymal stem cells cultured on silk hydrogels with variable stiffness and growth factor differentiate into mature smooth muscle cell phenotype. Acta biomaterialia, 31, pp.156-166.
  • Fan, Y., Pan, X., Wang, K., Wu, S., Han, H., Yang, P., Luo, R., Wang, H., Huang, N., Tan, W. and Weng, Y., 2016. Influence of chirality on catalytic generation of nitric oxide and platelet behavior on selenocystine immobilized TiO 2 films. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 145, pp.122-129.
  • Schafer, M., Myers, C., Brown, R.D., Frid, M.G., Tan, W., Hunter, K. and Stenmark, K.R., 2016. Pulmonary arterial stiffness: toward a new paradigm in pulmonary arterial hypertension pathophysiology and assessment. Current hypertension reports, 18(1), p.4.
  • Nagiah, N., Johnson, R., Anderson, R., Elliott, W. and Tan, W., 2015. Highly compliant vascular grafts with gelatin-sheathed coaxially structured nanofibers. Langmuir: the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 31(47), p.12993.
  • Floren, M. and Tan, W., 2015. Three-dimensional, soft neotissue arrays as high throughput platforms for the interrogation of engineered tissue environments. Biomaterials, 59, pp.39-52.
  • Elliott, W.H., Bonani, W., Maniglio, D., Motta, A., Tan, W. and Migliaresi, C., 2015. Silk hydrogels of tunable structure and viscoelastic properties using different chronological orders of genipin and physical cross-linking. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 7(22), p.12099.
  • Wingate, K., Floren, M., Tan, Y., Tseng, P.O.N. and Tan, W., 2014. Synergism of matrix stiffness and vascular endothelial growth factor on mesenchymal stem cells for vascular endothelial regeneration. Tissue Engineering Part A, 20(17-18), pp.2503-2512.
  • Su, Z., Tan, W., Shandas, R. and Hunter, K.S., 2013. Influence of distal resistance and proximal stiffness on hemodynamics and RV afterload in progression and treatments of pulmonary hypertension: a computational study with validation using animal models. Computational and mathematical methods in medicine, 2013.
  • Madhavan, K., Elliott, W.H., Bonani, W., Monnet, E. and Tan, W., 2013. Mechanical and biocompatible characterizations of a readily available multilayer vascular graft. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, 101(4), pp.506-519.
  • Bonani, W., Motta, A., Migliaresi, C. and Tan, W., 2012. Biomolecule gradient in micropatterned nanofibrous scaffold for spatiotemporal release. Langmuir: the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 28(38), p.13675.
  • Wingate, K., Bonani, W., Tan, Y., Bryant, S.J. and Tan, W., 2012. Compressive elasticity of three-dimensional nanofiber matrix directs mesenchymal stem cell differentiation to vascular cells with endothelial or smooth muscle cell markers. Acta biomaterialia, 8(4), pp.1440-1449.
  • Bonani, W., Maniglio, D., Motta, A., Tan, W. and Migliaresi, C., 2011. Biohybrid nanofiber constructs with anisotropic biomechanical properties. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, 96(2), pp.276-286.
  • Madhavan, K., Belchenko, D. and Tan, W., 2011. Roles of genipin crosslinking and biomolecule conditioning in collagen©\based biopolymer: Potential for vascular media regeneration. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 97(1), pp.16-26.
  • Madhavan, K., Belchenko, D., Motta, A. and Tan, W., 2010. Evaluation of composition and crosslinking effects on collagen-based composite constructs. Acta biomaterialia, 6(4), pp.1413-1422.
  • Tan, W., Twomey, J., Guo, D., Madhavan, K. and Li, M., 2010. Evaluation of nanostructural, mechanical, and biological properties of collagen¨Cnanotube composites. IEEE transactions on nanobioscience, 9(2), pp.111-120.
Selected previous publications:
  • Tan, W., Vinegoni, C., Norman, J.J., Desai, T.A. and Boppart, S.A., 2007. Imaging cellular responses to mechanical stimuli within three©\dimensional tissue constructs. Microscopy research and technique, 70(4), pp.361-371.
  • Tan, W. and Desai, T.A., 2005. Microscale multilayer cocultures for biomimetic blood vessels. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 72(2), pp.146-160.
  • Sharma, S., Tan, W. and Desai, T.A., 2005. Improving the integrity of three-dimensional vascular patterns by poly (ethylene glycol) conjugation. Bioconjugate chemistry, 16(1), pp.18-22.
  • Tan, W. and Desai, T.A., 2004. Layer-by-layer microfluidics for biomimetic three-dimensional structures. Biomaterials, 25(7), pp.1355-1364.
  • Tan, W., Sendemir-Urkmez, A., Fahrner, L.J., Jamison, R., Leckband, D. and Boppart, S.A., 2004. Structural and functional optical imaging of three-dimensional engineered tissue development. Tissue engineering, 10(11-12), pp.1747-1756.

Vascular Mechanobiology Selected Publications:

  • Elliott, W.H., Tan, Y., Li, M. and Tan, W., 2015. High pulsatility flow promotes vascular fibrosis by triggering endothelial EndMT and fibroblast activation. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 8(2), pp.285-295.
  • Elliott, W., Scott-Drechsel, D. and Tan, W., 2015. In Vitro Model of Physiological and Pathological Blood Flow with Application to Investigations of Vascular Cell Remodeling. Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE, (105).
  • Tan, Y., Tseng, P.O., Wang, D., Zhang, H., Hunter, K., Hertzberg, J., Stenmark, K.R. and Tan, W., 2014. Stiffening-induced high pulsatility flow activates endothelial inflammation via a TLR2/NF-¦ĘB pathway. PloS one, 9(7), p.e102195.
  • Elliott, W., Keshmiri, A. and Tan, W., 2017. Exploitation of Mechanobiology for Cardiovascular Therapy. Mechanobiology: Exploitation for Medical Benefit, pp.373-400.
  • Li, M., Tan, Y., Stenmark, K.R. and Tan, W., 2013. High pulsatility flow induces acute endothelial inflammation through overpolarizing cells to activate NF-¦ĘB. Cardiovascular engineering and technology, 4(1), pp.26-38.
  • Scott, D., Tan, W., Lee, J.S., McCarty, O.J. and Hinds, M.T., 2013. Vascular Cell Physiology Under Shear Flow: Role of Cell Mechanics and Mechanotransduction. In Mechanical and Chemical Signaling in Angiogenesis (pp. 121-141). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
  • Scott, D., Tan, Y., Shandas, R., Stenmark, K.R. and Tan, W., 2013. High pulsatility flow stimulates smooth muscle cell hypertrophy and contractile protein expression. American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, 304(1), pp.L70-L81.
  • Scott-Drechsel, D., Su, Z., Hunter, K., Li, M., Shandas, R. and Tan, W., 2012. A new flow co-culture system for studying mechanobiology effects of pulse flow waves. Cytotechnology, 64(6), pp.649-666.
  • Li, M., Stenmark, K.R., Shandas, R. and Tan, W., 2009. Effects of pathological flow on pulmonary artery endothelial production of vasoactive mediators and growth factors. Journal of vascular research, 46(6), pp.561-571.
  • Li, M., Scott, D.E., Shandas, R., Stenmark, K.R. and Tan, W., 2009. High pulsatility flow induces adhesion molecule and cytokine mRNA expression in distal pulmonary artery endothelial cells. Annals of biomedical engineering, 37(6), pp.1082-1092.
  • Zhou, H., Dehn, D.L., Kepa, J.K., Siegel, D., Scott, D., Tan, W. and Ross, D., 2010. NQO1-compromised human bone marrow endothelial cells exhibit decreased adhesion moolecule expression and CD34+ hematopoietic cell adhesion. J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 334, pp.1-9.
  • Lammers, S., Scott, D., Hunter, K., Tan, W., Shandas, R. and Stenmark, K.R., 2012. Mechanics and function of the pulmonary vasculature: implications for pulmonary vascular disease and right ventricular function. Comprehensive Physiology, 2, pp.295-319.
  • Scott-Drechsel, D., Su, Z., Hunter, K., Li, M., Shandas, R. and Tan, W., 2012. A new flow co-culture system for studying mechanobiology effects of pulse flow waves. Cytotechnology, 64(6), pp.649-666.
  • Tan, W., Scott, D., Belchenko, D., Qi, H.J. and Xiao, L., 2008. Development and evaluation of microdevices for studying anisotropic biaxial cyclic stretch on cells. Biomedical microdevices, 10(6), pp.869-882.

Bio-sensor/actuator Coatings Selected Publications:

  • Guo, D.J., Wei, Z.Y., Shi, B., Wang, S.W., Wang, L.Z., Tan, W. and Fang, S.M., 2016. Copper nanoparticles spaced 3D graphene films for binder-free lithium-storing electrodes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4(21), pp.8466-8477.
  • Guo, D.J., Liu, R., Cheng, Y., Zhang, H., Zhou, L.M., Fang, S.M., Elliott, W.H. and Tan, W., 2015. Reverse adhesion of a gecko-inspired synthetic adhesive switched by an ion-exchange polymer¨Cmetal composite actuator. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 7(9), p.5480.
  • Guo, D.J., Zhang, H., Li, J.B., Fang, S.M., Dai, Z.D. and Tan, W., 2013. Fabrication and adhesion of a bio-inspired microarray: capillarity-induced casting using porous silicon mold. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 1(3), pp.379-386.
  • Guo, D.J., Abdulagatov, A.I., Rourke, D.M., Bertness, K.A., George, S.M., Lee, Y.C. and Tan, W., 2010. GaN nanowire functionalized with atomic layer deposition techniques for enhanced immobilization of biomolecules. Langmuir, 26(23), pp.18382-18391.
  • Ding, Y., Jiao, Z.S., Guo, D.J., Xiao, S.J., Tan, W. and Dai, Z.D., 2012. Tunable cohesion and water lubrication of PEG-g-PMHS-c-PMVS copolymer membranes. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 395, pp.199-206.
  • Guo, D.J., Fu, S.J., Tan, W. and Dai, Z.D., 2010. A highly porous nafion membrane templated from polyoxometalates-based supramolecule composite for ion-exchange polymer-metal composite actuator. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20(45), pp.10159-10168.
  • Guo DJ, Wang J, Tan W, Xiao SJ, Dai ZD. Macroporous silicon templated from silicon nanocrystallite and functionalized Si H reactive group for grafting organic monolayer. Journal of colloid and interface science. 2009 Aug 15;336(2):723-9.