Peer-reviewed journal articles
                       updated September 2009


In press    Yeh, Emily T.  “Greening western China: A critical view.”  Geoforum,
                 doi:10.1016/j.geoforum.2009.06.004, available online August 6 2009.

In press     Yeh, Emily T. “Tibet and the problem of radical reductionism” Antipode,
                  expected November 2009, 41(5).               

In press      Yeh, Emily T.From wasteland to wetland? Nature and nation in China’s Tibet.”

                   Environmental History. 14(1): 103-137.

2008           Yeh, Emily T. and Mark Henderson. “Interpreting urbanization in Tibet:
                   Administrative scales and discourses of modernization.”
                  Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies (JIATS) no. 4, THL# T5563,

2007         Yeh, Emily T. "Tropes of indolence and the cultural politics of development in Lhasa, Tibet."
                 Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 97(3): 593-612.

2007         Yeh, Emily T. "Exile meets homeland: Politics, performance and authenticity in the Tibetan
                 diaspora." Environment & Planning D: Society and Space. 25(4):648-667.

2006          Yeh, Emily T. and Kunga T. Lama. “Hip-hop gangsta or most deserving of victims?: Transnational
                  migrant identities  and the paradox of Tibetan racialization in the US.”  Environment & Planning A.
                  Vol. 38: 809-829.

2005            Yeh, Emily T. “Green governmentality and pastoralism in Western China: ‘Converting pastures to 
                    grasslands’” Nomadic Peoples. 9(1):9-29.


2004                Yeh, Emily T. and Joanna I. Lewis. “State power and the logic of reform in
China’s electricity sector.”  Pacific Affairs. Vol. 77: 437-466.


2004                Yeh, Emily T. and Mark Henderson. “Teaching China’s Environment: Beyond
the Three Gorges.” Education About
Asia. 9(2):5-11.


2004                Yeh, Emily T. “Property relations in Tibet since decollectivization and the
                         question of ‘fuzziness’” Conservation and Society.  Vol. 2 (1):108-131.


2003                Yeh, Emily T.Tibetan range wars: Spatial politics and authority on the
grasslands of Amdo.” Development and
Change. 34(3):1-25


2003                Henderson, Mark, Emily T. Yeh, Peng Gong, Christopher Elvidge, and Kimberly
                        Baugh. “Validation of urban boundaries derived from global nighttime satellite
imagery.” International Journal of Remote Sensing. 24 (3): 595-609.


2000                Yeh, Emily T. Forest claims, conflicts, and commodification: The political

                        ecology of Tibetan mushroom -harvesting villages in Yunnan province, China,”

                        The China Quarterly 161: 212-226. 

Peer reviewed book chapters

in press       Julia Klein, Emily T. Yeh, Joseph Bump, Yonten Nyima and Kelly Hopping.            
                    “Coordinating environmental protection and climate change adaptation policy in
                    resource-dependent communities: A case study from the Tibetan Plateau.” In
                    James D Ford and Lea Berrang Ford (eds.) Climate change adaptation in                
                    developed nations. Springer.

2008            Yeh, Emily T. “Living together in Lhasa: Ethnic relations, coercive amity, and            
                        subaltern cosmopolitanism.”
for The Other Global City. edited by Shail               
                     Mayaram, Routledge, pp. 54-85.

2007             Yeh, Emily T. "Tibetan indigeneity: translations, resemblances, and uptake." In
                       Indigenous Experience Today, eds., Marisol de la Cadena and Orin Starn,Berg, pp 69-97.

2005               Yeh, Emily T.  " ‘An Open Lhasa Welcomes You’: Disciplining the Researcher
                        in Tibet." in Stig Thøgersen and Maria Heimer eds. Doing Fieldwork in China
                       University of Hawaii Press, pp. 96-109.

Proceedings of the IATS

2008        Yeh, Emily T. “Modernity, memory, and agricultural modernization in Central          
                  Tibet, 1950-1980” for Tibetan Modernities. Notes from the field on cultural and
                 social change ,eds., Robert Barnett and Ronald Schwartz.  Brill, pp. 37-72.

2002        Yeh, Emily T. “Will the real Tibetan please stand up?: Identity politics in the           
                 Tibetan diaspora,”  in P.Christiaan Klieger (ed.) Tibet, Self, and the Tibetan            
                    Diaspora: voices of  difference.  Proceedings of the Ninth Seminar of the                
                    International Association for Tibetan Studies. Boston, MA: Brill, pp. 229-254.