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  Associate Professor, Philosophy and Environmental Studies
Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Community
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University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0488
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My Sister, Lauren
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News and Media

Washington Post
New York Times
BBC News
The Times
The Independent
The Guardian
The Globe and Mail
Die Zeit
Pravda (English Edition)
Независимая Газета
St. Petersburg Times
Le Monde
Al Jazeera
Arab News
Iraq News
Palestine News Agency
The Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
The Economist
The New Scientist
Media Matters
Air America Radio
Arts and Letters Daily
Common Dreams
The Raw Story
Media Transparency
F.A.I.R. (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)
The Daily Howler
The American Prospect
In These Times
Information Clearinghouse
Washington Monthly
Center for American Progress
Guerilla News Network
Independent Media Network
The Nation
Mother Jones
The Village Voice

Political Blogs

ABC News' The Note
Air America Radio
The Agonist
Eric Alterman
America Blog
BOP News
Body and Soul
Burnt Orange Report
Juan Cole
Colorado Luis
Joshuah Bearman
Joe Conason
Daily Howler
Daily Kos
Brad DeLong
Emerging Democratic Majority
The Hamster
Lean Left
Liberal Oasis
Margaret Cho
Nathan Newman
David Neiwert
Off the Kuff
Pacific Views
Political State Report
Political Wire
Politics 1
Seeing The Forest
Swing State Project
Talk Left
Talking Points Memo
Tom Tomorrow

Environmental Ethics

International Association for Environmental Philosophy
International Society for Environmental Ethics
Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society
American Philosophical Association
Animal Rights Resource Site
Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Association of Practical and Professional Ethics
Bat Conservation International
Biotechnology Policy and Ethics Links
Center for Biological Diversity
Center for Captive Chimpanzee Care
Center for Environmental Philosophy
Centre for Development and the Environment
The Earth Charter
Earth First! Journal
Environmental Ethics Website
Environmental Economics
Forum on Religion and Ecology
Great Ape Project
Green Earth Foundation
Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy
The Interdisciplinary Centre for General Ecology
International Association for Environmental Philosophy
National Audubon Society
National Speleological Society
Oxford Center for Environment, Ethics, and Society
Philosophy Research Database: Environmental Philosophy (Erratic Impact)
Resources for the Future
Society for Ecological Restoration
Society of Environmental Journalists
Society for Philosophy and Geography
Applied Ethics Resources
World Resources Institute
Earth Ethics Reading List
Wilderness Policy
Wilderness Research Institute

Philosophy Links and Blogs

Philosophy Compendium (No other links necessary)
The American Philosophical Association
Philosophy Timeline
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Lexicon of Foreign Words in English Philosophy Texts
How to get Better Grades on your Philosophy Papers
Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper
How To Read a Philosophy Paper
Writing Papers for Introductory Moral Philosophy Courses
How to Write a Philosophy Paper
Philosophical Debates
The APA's "The Philosophy Major"
Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy, 1997 Edition
Philosophy Documentation Center
Philosophy Papers Online
Philosophers' Magazine
Ciceronian Review
The Leiter Reports
Undetached Rabbit Parts
Certain Doubts
Desert Landscapes
Fake Barn Country
Garden of Forking Paths
Orange Philosophy
Pea Soup
Philosophy of Art
Philosophy of Biology
This is not the Name of this Blog
Habermasian Reflections
Philosophical Conversations

Public Policy

The U.S. Library of Congress
The LOC Thomas Legislation Search
The Environmental Protection Agency
The Fish and Wildlife Service
The US Department of Agriculture
The Arizona Legislature Homepage
Government Printing Office
New York City Government
Wilderness Policy

Research Sites

Entrez PubMed .. [Requires SB ID]
Health Sciences Library Journal Collection
InfoTrac OneFile Plus .. [Requires SB ID]
Internet resources for economists
JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive
LexisNexis™ Academic Search Page
Ovid Search Form .. [Requires SB ID]
Project Muse Journals .. [Requires SB ID]
Research Databases .. [Requires SB ID]
STAT-USA-Internet .. [Requires SB ID]


Pickle Recipes -- Recipe Source
I Love Pickles
NY Food Museum
Wild Fermentation
Fascinating Pickle Facts
Pickle Primer
Raw Cultured Vegetables
Real Pickles
Rejuvenative Foods
The Science of Sauerkraut Fermentation
Just Pickle Recipes
Pickle Safety


Mushroom Basics
Fungi Perfecti
The WWW Virtual Mycology Library
Mushroomers Online
UC Berkeley Plant Identification Database
A practical guide to mycorrhiza
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
Biology of Mycorrhizas
Cryptogams in Depth
Dr. Fungus
Electronic Image Management Guide
Forest Pathology
Fun Facts about Fungi
Fungi Images on the Net
Fungi Perfecti
George Barron's website
Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology
Irish Potato Famine
John C. Tacoma Mushroom Slide Collection
Magical Mushrooms and Mystical Molds
Mushroom Toxins
Mushrooms and Magic
Mushrooms of North Carolina
Mycologue Publications
Mycology classes at Humboldt University
Mycology Online
Mycorrhiza information exchange
Mycorrhizas webpage
Mycotoxin homepage
Myxo Web
Natural Perspective's introduction to fungi
North American Lichen Project
North American Mycological Association
Penn State Mushroom Spawn Lab
The Fifth Kingdom
The Rhynie Chert and its Flora
This is Not Just Plant Pathogenic Fungi!
Tom Volk's web pages
Tree of Life
UC Berkeley's Introduction to Fungi
University of Tennessee Mycology Labs
Views of the Famine
Wayne's Word on the fungal kingdom
Western Montana Mycological Association (USA): Fungal Jungal


Yahoo Chess
ICC -- (Finger me: Pygmy-owl)
Caissa's Web
U. Pittsburgh FTP Chess Site
Club Kasparov
Steve Pribut's Chess Page
Internet Chess Library
Chess Live On The Net
Chess Cafe
Grandmaster Chess
The Chess Variant Pages
Tim Harding's Chess Mail
Tim Krabbé's Chess Curiosities

Miscellaneous Links

Russia Online Information
The St. Petersburg Web
Russian Newspapers
Web developers guides
The Curry House: a compendium of curry dishes
African Recipe Links
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And, to set matters straight, do this at Brian Leiter's suggestion: "Post something on "Intelligent Design" (which is currently the #1 search on Technorati) which links to the authoritative statement by the National Center for Science Education, which I've linked to here by way of illustration.  This way when those genuinely seeking information start Googling, they'll get to the right place."

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