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In addition to his scholarly work, Brian Catlos is also a free-lance travel writer and historical consultant, based near Boulder CO and in Barcelona, Spain. For 17 years he juggled university and travel over five continents , working - among other things - as a motorbike courier in London, a hotel and coffee-shop runner in Amsterdam, a tree-planter in Northern Canada and a bicycle and walking tour guide in Spain. He worked and studied in Canada, Syria, Israel, and Ecuador and has travelled extenslively in Europe, the Americas, North Africa and the Middle East and South and East Asia.

He regularly publishes revised editions of The Rough Guide to Lanuedoc & Roussillon, and contributes chapters and updates for other guidebooks. He provides historical consulting for book and film projects and enjoys giving historical presentations on the history of Islam, Muslim-Christian-Jewish relations, and the history of the Crusades, and medieval Spain, Europe and the Middle East to popular audiences.


Rough Guides

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Book Title

The Rough Guide to Langudoc & Roussillon (London, 2010)

The completely reivsed 4th edition of this critically-acclaimed guide book, features detailed information on sites, rich cultural and historical information, and up-to-date and critical reviews of restaurants and accommodation.


  • Languedoc & Roussillon fully-revised 4th edition (London: Rough Guides, 2010).
  • Languedoc & Roussillon fully-revised 3rd edition (London: Rough Guides, 2007).
  • Art Shop Eat Barcelona co-author with Annie Bennet (London: A.C. Black, 2004 ).
  • Languedoc & Roussillon fully-revised 2nd edition (London: Rough Guides, 2004).
  • Barcelona author of fully-revised 5th edition (London: Rough Guides, 2001) [credited to Jules Brown].
  • Languedoc & Roussillon (London: Rough Guides, 2000) 2nd printing May 2002.


Selected Book Chapters, Articles, Consulting...

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  • historical consultant for “Pedro’s Choice,” in Rona Arato, On a Medieval Day (Owlkids, 2010)
  • "Les Terres Catares" (Las rutas de Jaume I)," a serialized supplement of Els Temps (October, 2008), fac. 15. •
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