Andrew Cowell

Dept. of Linguistics
UCB 295
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0295


My research focuses on three areas, one of which is no longer active. I consider myself fundamentally a linguistic anthropologist.

I am primarily interested in the linguistics and anthropology of Native America, including structure, lexicon and documentation on the one hand, and socio-cultural issues on the other, including language maintenance and revitalization. The majority of my work has been on Arapaho, with additional work on Gros Ventre/Atsina, and an interest in Cheyenne and Miwok languages as well.

I am also interested in the linguistics and anthropology of Polynesia, having worked in both Hawai'i and Tahiti/French Polynesia.

In the past, I also worked on the historical anthropology, literary culture and performance traditions of medieval Europe, especially France, and was at one time rostered in the French and Italian Dept. at the Univ. of Colorado. I am no longer actively involved in this research.