Experimental Facilities


We have developed what we believe to be the world's first true laser-ARPES facility, which is shown below.  The analyzer in the foreground is based upon an ultrahigh resolution Scienta SES2002 electron analyzer with full multichannel counting capabilities and modifications for ultralow kinetic energy operation.  The laser table in the background holds a 100 MHz 100 fsec Ti:sapphire laser from which we produce the fourth harmonic radiation (about 6 eV photons).  The photon flux incident on the sample is about an order of magnitude higher than we are able to produce at the brightest synchrotron beamlines, with higher energy and momentum resolution as well.  In addition to direct ARPES similar to what can be carried out at the synchrotrons, femtosecond pump-probe ARPES can be performed for the study of electron dynamics.  Many other laser sources are under development - stay tuned!



We also have been actively developing and utilizing a few state-of-the-art systems at synchrotron radiation facilities. This has lead to "Approved Programs" giving guaranteed beamtime on this instrumentation - for example at the undulator beamlines  BL12.0.1 and BL10.0.1 at the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley.  We also are regular users at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab, and the Synchrotron Radiation Center and are part of a team developing a new meV resolution elliptically polarizing beamline (MERLIN) at the Advanced Light Source.